New Year’s Message to Members

A very Happy Year to each of you. Our membership is now over 100. This provides a great opportunity for many of you to participate in one of our several committees.

These groups are very focused on sustaining our Republican ideals. We realize that if we don’t keep educating our youth on what freedom is all about and how our founding fathers built in all the safe guards to sustain this Republic, we will not survive.

Our monthly programming is designed to provide you with a wide variety of knowledgeable speakers to help us better challenge those who would undermine our Republic. For example Socialism and all its isms never go away. It’s like a bad reoccurring dream. So, we continue to fight the fight.

Sign up to contribute your knowledge and experience on one of our committees. When you check in we will have a table section for you to sign up.

  • Scholarship How we invest in our future.
  • Membership Retention, Expansion, Young Republican Clubs.
  • 20/20 planning, organizing and implementing programs to win our future elections .
  • Salute to Veterans. Our annual event to recognize those who haves served this great country.

See you on January 4 at Pelican Marsh Country Club.

Jim Carter


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