The Right Men’s Club

The Right Men’s Club is designed to help Republicans gather to share ideas, explore issues, and meet on a monthly basis to learn more about issues involving our government. We bring in experts on issues to discuss ways to ensure we keep the freedoms and values that founded America and made it the greatest country on earth. Women are always welcome to join or attend.

Each year, we provide numerous scholarships for Republican college students, Boy Scout camps, and technical training. We host an annual Salute to Veterans event where veterans are honored. Veterans from WWII and Korea are guests of sponsors who contribute to our event.  In addition, we provide numerous donations to veteran service. We are proud of these accomplishments, and we look forward to building upon them.

Republican Ideals Needed

To ensure the strength of Republican ideals in our elected bodies, it is essential that we increase the participation of young people in our party. The world has changed dramatically in how people engage and communicate. It is no longer enough to hand out brochures and rely on word of mouth to attract the next generation of voters.

Incorporated as Men’s Club of Collier County, Inc.

2024 Board and Officers

Russell Tuff


Reg Buxton


Glenn Brown


Mike Nadolski


Randy Cash

Board Member

Jordan Tompkins

Board Member

Ed Brandt

Board Member

Barry Denton

Board Member

Bill McDaniel

Board Member

Duties and Committees

Vice President – Reg Buxton

Treasurer – Mike Nadolski

  • Create Annual Budget and gain approval from Board
  • Maintain historical club finance and banking records
  • Evaluate fund raising plans for soundness
  • Track and report membership growth
  • Report monthly: revenue, expenses, net bank balances
  • Prepare Meeting attendee list

Secretary – Glenn Brown

  • Maintain Board Meeting minutes
  • Maintain historical records

Vice President of Business Development – Reg Buxton Board Liaison

To foster partnerships and collaborations with local businesses that align with the values of the Men’s Club of Collier County.


  • Identify potential business partners and sponsors that share common values with the club.
  • Develop and maintain relationships with local businesses to support club events and activities.
  • Explore opportunities for joint ventures and collaborations that contribute to the club’s mission.
  • Seek financial support from the business community to enhance the club’s resources.

Scholarships – Mike Nadolski Board Liaison – Joe Sheffley Chair

To support education and leadership development by awarding scholarships to deserving individuals.


  • Establish criteria for scholarship eligibility that align with the club’s values.
  • Develop a transparent and fair selection process for scholarship recipients.
  • Seek partnerships with educational institutions and organizations to enhance scholarship opportunities.
  • Promote the club’s commitment to education within the community.

Veteran Services – Board Liaison Co-Chairs

Ed Brandt –

Glenn Brown –

  • Purpose is to raise funds for scholarships, recognize and donate to veterans in need, and promote Republican values.
  • Identify & manage Fund-Raising model
  • Identify and secure a speaker
  •  Organize and delegate event activities
  • Scholarship Committee
  • Identify recipients
  • Conduct committee meetings
  • Prepare Scholarship budget
  • Scholarship presentations
  • Maintain contact with recipients

Publicity/Outreach – Russell Tuff Board Liaison

To enhance the visibility of the Republican Men’s Club of Collier County and promote its values and activities within the community.


  • Develop and implement effective publicity strategies to increase awareness of club events and initiatives.
  • Foster positive relationships with local media outlets to ensure accurate representation of the club’s activities.
  • Utilize social media platforms and other online channels to engage with the community and share club updates.
  • Organize outreach events to connect with residents and communicate the club’s principles and goals.
  • Take photos of attendees at meetings and get photos on Facebook and website

Membership Recruitment/ Development – Barry Denton and Jordan Tompkins Board Liaison

Membership Recruitment Committee:
To attract individuals who align with the Republican Men’s Club values and foster their active participation in the club.


  • Develop targeted recruitment campaigns to attract new members.
  • Create engaging materials and events to showcase the benefits of club membership.
  • Establish a mentorship program to welcome and integrate new members into the club.
  • Implement outreach strategies to target diverse demographics and age groups.

Membership Retention Committee:
To ensure the satisfaction and continued engagement of current club members.


  • Conduct regular surveys and feedback sessions to understand member needs and preferences.
  • Organize social events and activities to foster a sense of community among members.
  • Provide resources and support for members to actively participate in club initiatives.
  • Recognize and celebrate member achievements and milestones within the club.

Veteran Services Committee – Ed Brandt and Glenn Brown Board Liaisons

To honor and support veterans through various initiatives, including the annual Salute to Veterans program luncheon.


  • Organize and execute the annual Salute to Veterans program luncheon to recognize and celebrate veterans’ contributions.
  • Establish connections with local veterans’ organizations to collaborate on shared initiatives.
  • Provide assistance and resources to veterans in need within the community.
  • Advocate for policies and programs that support the well-being of veterans and their families.
  • Select the appropriate use of Veterans funds to get funding to individuals or organization.
  • When appropriate, offer suggestion where we can help in promoting veteran service.

Programs Committee – Ed Brandt Board Liaison Jim Carter Chair and Scott Spitzer

To plan and execute diverse and engaging programs that align with the club’s values and interests.


  • Research and propose relevant and informative speakers for monthly club meetings.
  • Coordinate events that address current political, economic, and social issues.
  • Organize forums and discussions to encourage member participation and interaction.
  • Ensure a well-balanced calendar of events that appeals to a broad audience.