Whatever Happened to Civility?


Jim Carter

In general it’s an outward expression of courtesy and respect. Most of us were raised to say “please” and “thank you “.

We learned it makes our interactions with others more pleasant. Civility, enables us to state our view points and to listen to others. Even though we may agree to disagree it still allows us to have positive relations.

What happened? Civility has been breaking down for a number of reasons. While the culprits are many, the major cause is lack of humility and self awareness.

Too many individuals develop a behavior pattern, where I’m the only one that is important and if you don’t agree with me you are not significant. Also, this manifests itself into groups and institutions.

A prime example is what is happening on our college and university campuses . Different points of view are no longer tolerated. If you are a conservative, believe in the Constitution, individual rights, personal accountability and responsibility you will be verbally attacked and oftener threatened physically for having the audacity to express your beliefs. The progressive movement , how ever you define it, is not tolerant of those who challenge and disagree. Civil discussions are not a part of their agenda.

The shocking culmination of all this lack of civility is elected officials and staff members being harassed in public by groups bought and paid for by the extreme left. Or are these progressives?

If you think this is temporary, think again. It is continuing to deteriorate. Look at the So called Democrats freshman class. When a Member of Congress, Rashida Tlaib refers to the president as a f—-Ing , mother f—-er, its a disgrace to Congress and the district she represents. Even worse the Speaker pushed it a side and ignored it. Even more disturbing is the press fails to report how Tlaib  is openly anti Semitic.

Civility, has become situational. Depends on who you are and if you are politically correct.

Jim Carter


Collier Men’s Republican Club

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