President’s Message – December 2018 – What a Year!

Jim Carter

What a year! The growth of our membership, stimulating speakers, major accomplishments with our scholarship programs and a capstone Salute to Veterans Program with Chris “Tanto “Paronto. A hero of Benghazi.

We kept Florida Red In spite of the lefts on slaughter of hundreds of millions of dollars and the corrupt Broward county elections office.

We still hold the Florida House and Senate although we lost 6 seats in the House and one in the Senate. We face many challenges in Florida and State representative Bob Rommel’s resent survey request gives you a great opportunity to make your input.

WATER issues and EDUCATION are Top priorities.

The National Socialist Party , who mask themselves as progressive Democrats, will do everything they can to destroy the Trump Presidency.

Trump plays Chess and they play Checkers. That’s why we expanded our numbers in the Senate. The Senate controls Federal judicial appointments and Supreme Court nominees.

Trade agreements, peace treaties and presidential appointments. In many ways it’s our last chance to slow down the Socialist Train.

2019 will be a challenging year. This is nothing new for us as we continue the fight to save our great Republic, The United States of America.

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