Men’s Club Name Change – The What For?


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Politics in the United States has grown increasingly contentious, with extremists widening divisions in a country once celebrated for its tolerance of diverse opinions. Regrettably, the Republican Party has not been immune to this trend. It is with a sense of solemnity that I convey this message.

As many of you are already aware, the Republican Men’s Club of Collier County has undergone reorganization, now operating under the new name Men’s Club of Collier County, Inc., and conducting business as The Right Men’s Club. Many of you have already received updated name tags reflecting this change.

The Right Men’s Club Logo for doing business


For over two decades, our club has taken pride in hosting influential speakers who champion Republican values. We’ve provided a forum for like-minded individuals to convene, nurturing shared beliefs and actively advocating for conservative principles at both local and national levels. Moreover, unable to make significant political contributions, we’ve directed our funds towards scholarships for deserving conservative students in Collier County and organizations assisting local veterans.

Logic of Decision

The decision to reorganize our club, freeing it from dependence on CCREC charter approval, stems from recent actions by our local Collier County Republican Executive Committee (CCREC). Last year, the CCREC, along with similar committees in other Florida counties, sought to exert control over all aspects of our activities, including mandatory financial contributions. This move prompted us, along with the other Republican-chartered clubs in Collier County, to reorganize independently.

Official Incorporated Company

Painful Consequences

The newly adopted rules empowered only three designated CCREC members to remove elected club officers, revoke charters, and seize club funds without any avenue for appeal. This power grab threatened to stifle diverse opinions, ultimately weakening our Party.

In response to pressure from the CCREC and other RECs, the Republican Party of Florida altered charter rules last November, mandating compliance with CCREC directives. These constraints left little room for inclusion of diverse viewpoints, jeopardizing the future of our programs and the growth we’ve experienced over the past six years.

The Future

While our new club name may not include “Republican,” rest assured, we remain committed to upholding the Constitutionally Conservative Principles we’ve always championed. We’ll continue providing quality speakers, organizing gatherings, and supporting worthy causes, albeit under a slightly different name.

New Non-Profit Logo for Scholarships and Veteran Services Funding

We sincerely hope to retain the support we’ve enjoyed for many years. Our all-volunteer board and officers remain steadfast in their commitment to deserving that support.

The Board of Directors of the Republican Men’s Club of Collier County, and

The Board of Directors of the Men’s Club of Collier County, Inc., operating as The Right Men’s Club

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    JOE GRANDA says:

    Russell, I saw this coming a while back and that’s why I left the CCREC. Some of the people there at the time that where in key positions were doing it for personal glory and financial gain. They confirmed for me what I heard many times from some of my fellow Republican friends, that Republicans are the only mammals that still eat their own. I give you credit by continuing your hard work, with some of my old friends from the CCREC, and keeping true Republicans values alive in our County. May God bless you always. Keep fighting the good fight. Your old friend.
    Joe Granda

  2. David R Forward
    David R Forward says:

    This seems way out of line with normal operations of a conservative Republican Central Committee. What is their side of it?


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