Republican Surpass 900,000 voter Registration in Florida and Flip another County Red

We now have a 900,000 Republican voter advantage. In less than 4 years there has been a shift of over 1.1 million voters towards our Republican party!

Madison County is the latest Florida county to flip in favor of Republicans, handing the state GOP a plurality of registered voters in 57 of Florida’s 67 counties.

The Florida GOP’s latest feat occurs just as Vice President Kamala Harris is visiting Florida on Wednesday.

The flip also comes shortly after the Florida GOP broke a historic 900,000 voter registration lead statewide, and just days after party Chairman Evan Power hosted an event in Madison to register GOP voters.

“Kamala steps foot in Florida and another county turns RED!” the Florida GOP said. “Maybe Kamala can explain why Florida Dems are fleeing Biden’s failed policies. A once Blue state now has over 900,000 more registered Republicans than Dems.”

The Republicans trailed Democrats in 2020 by more than 100,000 voters – marking a shift since then of over 1 million.

Democrats now only have a plurality in 10 counties.

The narrowest blue-leaning counties are Hillsborough (D+1.3%) and Duval (D+2.6%), both which include major urban areas of Tampa and Jacksonville, respectively.

Behind those two is Miami-Dade County, which leans blue by registration by nearly 4.8%.

Notable blue strongholds remain in Gadsden, Broward, Leon, Alachua and Orange County, in order of largest to smallest Democratic registration lead.

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