President’s Message – June 2024 – Scholarships and Elections

Russell Tuff

The deadline for registering and qualifying to run for office in Collier County is Friday, June 14th. It’s essential to review the candidates and ensure you are voting for those who best represent your values and aspirations for elected officials. Click here to view the list of all declared Republican candidates, which will be updated daily until Saturday after the qualifying period ends.

Scholarship Awards

This year, thanks to your generous support, The Right Men’s Club will be awarding $22,000 in scholarships. If you attended our breakfast on Friday, you had the chance to meet some of the students who have qualified for these scholarships. Their enthusiasm and dedication during the vetting process give us great hope for the future.

Each scholarship winner wrote an impressive essay on the Constitution, showcasing their knowledge and passion for our nation’s foundational document. These scholarships, valued at $2,000 per year, will support the students for up to four years, provided they maintain a GPA of 3.0 or higher. Notably, all our scholarship recipients this year boast GPAs above 4.0.

New Scholarship Recipients

  • Annamaria Saadeh from Mason Academy
  • Celine Schauer from Marco Island Academy
  • Jamille Jordan from Gulf Coast High
  • Collette Combs from Marco Island Academy
  • Continuing Scholarship Recipients

Assuming they maintain a GPA of 3.0 or higher, the following students will continue to receive their scholarships:

  • Blake Carter
  • Ayden Scott
  • Katrina Baiza
  • Bridi Paparusi
  • Shahz Rahmonov
  • Jade Izurietta

Additional Support

We are also pleased to announce that ITECH will receive $2,000 to assist students with unforeseen expenses, helping them to continue their classes without interruption. We have also funded an endowment to Florida Gulf Coast University, that will deliver a $1,200 scholarship this year.

If you want to assist in providing scholarships, read the reasons and ways you can help – Click Here

Thank you for your continued support and commitment to fostering the next generation of leaders.


Russell Tuff


The Right Men’s Club

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