US Senator Rick Scott January 15 Update

This week, after President-elect Joe Biden announced his proposal for a $1.9 trillion COVID-19 spending package, Senator Rick Scott released the following statement denouncing the wasteful spending included in the plan for liberal priorities that have nothing to do with the coronavirus. Senator Scott will continue fighting for targeted relief that provides needed assistance to Americans hit hardest by this pandemic.

Senator Rick Scott said, “The devastating impact of the coronavirus on our nation cannot be overstated. Since Communist China’s lies led to the spread of the virus and its vicious attack on American families one year ago, too many Americans have lost loved ones. Too many have felt the terrible hopelessness of job loss. Too many dreams of entrepreneurs and small family-owned businesses have been crushed in the wake of economic downturn.

“There is no question that we must do more to support those whose livelihoods have been torn from them due to this pandemic. I’ve said from the beginning that the efforts of Congress should be strategic, focusing on families and small businesses in need, and I have offered proposal after proposal doing just that. While there are some good things in President-elect Biden’s proposed package, like help for individuals and small businesses and increased support for vaccines and testing, he plans to spend too much of the $1.9 trillion dollars in taxpayer money on liberal priorities that have nothing to do with the coronavirus. Biden is following directly in the footsteps of failed politicians Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer by pushing policies like bailouts for wasteful, liberal states, a national $15 minimum wage mandate that will kill our small businesses, and more stimulus checks without accountability or eligibility measures for Americans who haven’t lost their jobs.

“We have to get serious about how we’re spending taxpayer dollars. Biden wants to spend more than $350 billion to bailout wasteful states. I’ve been clear – asking taxpayers to bailout failed politicians in liberal states like New York and Illinois and save them from their own bad decisions isn’t fair to fiscally responsible states like Florida. It makes no sense. Congress has already allocated more than $4.5 trillion to address this crisis. We still don’t know how much money is unspent from previous coronavirus relief packages; including the nearly $1 trillion package that was passed just three weeks ago. We cannot simply throw massive spending at this with no accountability to the current and future American taxpayer. I will continue fighting for targeted relief that provides needed assistance to Americans hit hardest by this pandemic; but I will not stand by and let failed liberal policies be used to mortgage our kids and grandkids futures.”

See more of what Senator Scott has been up to this week below.

Sen. Rick Scott Blasts Biden-Schumer Plan for $2 Billion Bailout for New York

Senator Rick Scott released the below statement following reports that President-elect Biden is working with Senator Schumer to give New York City and the State of New York $2 billion in additional FEMA emergency funding to address budget shortfalls caused by decades of fiscal mismanagement by the city and state. This move by President-elect Biden means that he plans to authorize the use of the FEMA fund which provides critical aid following hurricanes, floods, wildfires, and other natural disasters to irresponsibly bailout wasteful, liberal state and local governments.

Senator Rick Scott said, “For months, Democrats have been trying to get Congress to bailout wasteful, liberal states for their decades of mismanagement and excesses, and for months, I’ve been fighting to protect taxpayer dollars and make sure that doesn’t happen. Now, President-elect Biden and Senator Schumer aren’t even hiding the fact that they want to circumvent Congress and send billions to their friends Bill de Blasio and Andrew Cuomo in New York. Congress has already allocated more than $4.5 trillion in taxpayer money to address the coronavirus crisis. States can moderate their economic harm through reasoned, balanced measures that protect citizens without destroying their economies. New York’s economy is still shut down, and its budget shortfalls are because De Blasio and Cuomo have continued to waste money and failed to prioritize their struggling constituents. It is irresponsible for Biden and Schumer to expect Florida and the rest of the country to pay for the failures of their friends in New York.” Read more HERE.

Senator Rick Scott Applauds Decision to Reinstate Cuba to the List of State Sponsors of Terrorism

Senator Rick Scott applauded the Administration for its commitment to hold the Cuban regime accountable by reinstating Cuba as a State Sponsor of Terrorism. The State Department’s decision comes after Senator Scott urged the Administration to take this important step to continue the fight for freedom and end the instability, chaos and violence in Latin America.

Senator Rick Scott said, “For years, I’ve called for Cuba’s designation as a State Sponsor of Terrorism to be reinstated, and I’m glad the Administration heeded those calls today. The Obama-Biden Administration’s appeasement policies toward Cuba allowed Havana to extend its reach and expand its control, giving power to other ruthless dictatorships in Latin America. Today, Cuba continues to oppress its people and those across Latin America by supporting narco-states run by dictators like Maduro and Ortega, while harboring terrorist groups. Reinstating Cuba’s rightful designation as a State Sponsor of Terrorism signals to the global community that the U.S. will not tolerate rouge nations that oppress their people. It’s a great day in the fight for freedom and democracy in Latin America.” Read more HERE.

Senador Rick Scott aplaude la decisión de reinstalar a Cuba a la Lista de Estados Patrocinadores del Terrorismo

El Senador Rick Scott aplaudió a la Administración por su compromiso en responsabilizar al régimen cubano y restablecer a Cuba como Estado Patrocinador del Terrorismo. La decisión del Departamento de Estado se produce luego de que el Senador Scott instara a la Administración a dar este importante paso para continuar la lucha por la libertad y poner fin a la inestabilidad, el caos y la violencia en América Latina.

El Senador Rick Scott dijo: “Durante años, he pedido que se restablezca la designación de Cuba como Estado Patrocinador del Terrorismo, y me complace que la Administración haya escuchado mi llamado hoy. Las políticas de apaciguamiento de la Administración Obama-Biden hacia Cuba permitieron que la Habana extendiera su alcance y expandiera su control, apuntalando a otras dictaduras despiadadas en América Latina. Hoy, Cuba continúa oprimiendo a su gente y a toda América Latina apoyando a los narco-estados dirigidos por dictadores como Maduro y Ortega, mientras albergan a grupos terroristas. Restablecer la designación de Cuba como Estado Patrocinador del Terrorismo le indica a la comunidad mundial que los Estados Unidos no tolerará a naciones que oprimen a su pueblo. Es un gran día en la lucha por la libertad y la democracia en América Latina”. Lea más AQUÍ.

Statement from Sen. Rick Scott on the Passing of Sheldon Adelson

Senator Rick Scott released the below statement following the passing of Sheldon Adelson.

Senator Rick Scott said, “Our country has lost a giant of business, a man of principle and one of America’s great philanthropists. My heart goes out to Miriam and the entire Adelson family. Miriam was his partner in everything that he did and you could tell how much he loved and respected her whenever you were around him.

“Over the years, I got to know Sheldon through his work on combatting drug use and his efforts to support and defend Israel, causes that he dedicated his life to. He did everything in his power to make sure the world never forgot the horrors of the Holocaust or allowed the evil of anti-Semitism to go unchallenged. His commitment to freedom, security and opportunity for all was only matched by the passion with which he pursued that commitment. He changed the lives of millions and will forever be remembered as a leader who dedicated his life to the betterment of his country, the nation of Israel and the world.” Read more HERE.

Senator Rick Scott, Senator Tom Cotton and Colleagues: Stop Illegal PPP Loans to Planned Parenthood

Senator Rick Scott joined Senator Tom Cotton and colleagues in a letter urging U.S. Small Business Administrator Jovita Carranza to prevent Planned Parenthood affiliates from receiving illegal loans under the Paycheck Protection Program (PPP).  Read more from Senator Tom Cotton’s office HERE.

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