Tyler Hughes Receives the First Scholarship from Men’s Republican Club

Left to Right: John Thomas, Chair of the Republican Men’s scholarship committee, Tyler Hughes, and his parents

Tyler and his parents have been invited as our guests to the RMCCC breakfast on 14 June. This will give Tyler the opportunity to express his appreciation to the RMCCC. Tyler’s father, Charles, is a high school math teacher.

The first of three $1,000 high school Republican Senior Scholarships was awarded on 29 April 19, during the Senior Awards and Scholarship Night at Barron Collier County High School

Our proud recipient of the RMCCC $1k Scholarship, Tyler Hughes, is the current Student Body President of BCHS. During the awards ceremony, Tyler received recognition for the following academic achievements:

  • 250 scholarship from Associates & Bruce L. Scheiner
  • $250 scholarship from the Academic Booster Club
  • Cougar Scholarship Award
  • AP Physics I Academic Achievement Award
  • Dual Enrollment US History Academic Achievement Award
  • AP Calculus – BC Academic Achievement Award
  • 2nd Year Academic Letter
  • Graduating Suma Cum Laude with a Weighted Grade Point Average (WGPA) of over 4.8

Possibly his most prized honor and surprise, the BC faculty selected Tyler as the BC Student of the Year of the 2019 graduating class of 358 students.

Tyler has earned admission to the University of Florida and will begin classes this fall. The RMCCC Scholarship Committee could not be prouder of their choice for this Republican Senior Scholarship. Tyler Hughes was obviously a great choice of the committee.

In addition to the three High School Scholarships, the Men’s Republican club will be handing out three more institutional scholarship to be announced after presentation.

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