President’s Message – April 2019

Jim Carter

Ilhan Omar was born in war torn Somali and because her family was of at least middle class and educated, fled to Kenya and grew up in a Muslim refuge camp.

It’s reported a Christian church in this country sponsored her and her family so they could come to the United States as refugees. Note it was CHRISTIANS that gave them an opportunity for freedom not a Muslim group. The family was settled in Northern Virginia.

Well, Omar says, in school she was treated badly and teased about her dress. I expect that is true as kids can be cruel and insensitive. Is this now a reason to hate America and expect her own prejudices to be acceptable? She says” American is so racist and hateful. I feel threaten, demonized and vilified” it’s difficult for me even to go to work.”

That is hard to believe. When you make outrageous statements like she did about 9/11 “ some people did something” and expect no negative reaction, you have to be delusional. One of the most tragic days in American history and she belittles it.

This woman CHOSE to be a politician. She is open season on anyone who chooses to disagree with her. It’s not racist or white supremacy. It’s called FREE SPEACH.

Her anti Semitic comments and attacks on our support of Israel are disgusting. It’s tragic Speaker Pelosi doesn’t have the guts to remove her from ALL committees.

Maybe, then her district will think twice about electing a hateful, narrow minded person who has no business in the US Congress. Even, more tragic, the most generous country in the World saved her life and has given every opportunity to succeed, which she has. Instead of being thankful she attacks as racist and hateful. How does she get a way with it? Well the Socialist Democratic Party says the same things.

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  1. Bud Zvolanek
    Bud Zvolanek says:

    Well written, Jim, I fully agree with you. She and her ilk have to leave Congress, she does not deserve $170,000/yr salary from us taxpayers for the horse s… she spews out about the most generous, giving, sacrificing country in the world! We need to send a petition for this to happen to the President and GOP leadership! These people just can’t get away with their BS!


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