The Melo Minute – Representative Lauren Melo

June 25th, 2021

Signed, Sealed, Delivered: New Laws!

Thank you to Governor Ron DeSantis for signing HB1507 Thursday morning in Tampa! It was an honor to stand next to Speaker Chris Sprowls, Representative Clay Yarborough , Senator Kelli Stargel, Secretary Richard Corcoran, Secretary Dane Eagle, Representatives Toledo, Zika, Tuck, Harding, and others to witness this historic moment for the future of Florida’s workforce. HB1507 will reform Florida’s workforce systems to provide Floridians greater opportunity in the marketplace, prepare students and jobseekers for future employment, and increase access to the American dream. #BeMoreDoMore

HB 491

Signed by Governor DeSantis last Wednesday, 6/16.

This law was substituted for the identical Senate Bill 346. This legislation serves to adjust the composition of the Florida Real Estate Appraisal Board (FREAB) in an effort to provide a more equitable distribution of industry representation. It decreases the number of members who represent the appraisal management industry and increases the number of board members who represent the general public.
HB 1231

Signed by Governor DeSantis on Monday, 6/21.

This law ensures that our domestic violence centers have better funding mechanisms and fiscal management. For example, it allows certified domestic violence centers to carry up to 8% of their funding from one fiscal year to the next — whereas their funds had to be reabsorbed previously. It also reestablishes a standardized batterers’ intervention program in our State.
HB 1507

Signed by Governor DeSantis on Thursday, 6/24.

Representative Clay Yarborough and I collaborated in the creation of this legislation that will streamline workforce programs and services. In addition, HB1507 will open more pathways for our students so they can have bigger and better opportunities in the future. All in all, this system will ensure equity and access to jobs that promote upward mobility for our citizens.

Quotes on the Workforce Legislation

Speaker Sprowls: “No longer will Floridians be trapped in the vestiges of an antiquated, one-size-fits-all workforce system that forces them into a bureaucratic maze of hoops to jump through… We’ve worked with educators, employers, and industry leaders to provide a 21st century solution for job seekers. It shouldn’t be so hard to find work – and won’t be any longer. On behalf of Florida’s students, workers, job seekers and taxpayers, thank you to Governor DeSantis, Representatives Yarborough and Melo, Senate President Simpson and our Senate partners for making the difficult job search process easier.”

Representative Melo: “HB1507 is a promise made and a promise kept to the people of Florida. Thank you to Governor DeSantis for signing this historic legislation and thank you to Speaker Sprowls for the opportunity to sponsor this bill in partnership with Representative Yarborough. Our goal is to make Florida the best state in the union to find a job, raise a family, and do business. HB1507 will transform Florida’s workforce systems to provide jobseekers better access to the marketplace and prepare our citizens for future employment in a business environment where new technologies are beginning to take precedent. Today, with HB1507 signed into law, we have taken a great step in accomplishing our goal and we are excited to witness the positive impacts this bill will have on Floridians in their pursuit of the American dream.”

In and Around the Town!

Collier County Mosquito Control District

This Friday I had the pleasure of visiting the Collier County Mosquito Control District. The district is looking to put forward legislation to roughly double its size. The proposed expansion would primarily be towards the Northeastern portion of Collier County — District 80. The desire to extend their boundaries is so that they may perform additional research, enhance their ability to control the mosquito population, and uncover any diseases being carried that may be potentially harmful to humans.

Where I’m Heading Next!

· NCH “Wall of Honor” ceremony at 9AM on Wednesday June 30th.

What We’re Reading

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Pray for Surfside
Our hearts and prayers are with all those impacted by the Surfside building collapse and their families. We are also praying for all the first responders in their recovery efforts.

The Song of the Week!

If you have a suggestion for the next Song of the Week, let us know!

This week’s song is “Signed, Sealed, Delivered I’m Yours” by Stevie Wonder because we’ve just got three of our bills signed, and they are soon to be delivered to law books across the state!
I could not have done it without the support from all of you in the District. It is truly an honor to serve as your State Representative as we worked to get these great bills signed, sealed, and delivered for the benefit of our state.

Fun fact: Stevie Wonder credited the title and chorus of the song to his mother who came up with the words after hearing the melody.

FL Chamber Report Card

Proud to have received an A rating from the Florida Chamber of Commerce! We worked hard during Session to make Florida the best state in the union to do business.


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