State Government Update from State Senator Kathleen Passidomo

This summer, Florida will see the third meeting of the Florida Constitutional Revision Commission (CRC).

The CRC is an institution unique to the State of Florida, and provides a direct link between the public and the Florida Constitution. It meets once every 20 years and is one of the five ways Floridians can amend our state constitution. The commission consists of 37 people appointed to review and recommend changes to the constitution.

Those 37 members are appointed by the state government; the Governor selects 15 members, the House Speaker and Senate President each appoint 9 members,  three members are selected by the Chief Justice of the Florida Supreme court, and the Florida Attorney General is the automatic 37th member. Citizens have a role in suggesting appointees for the commission, and making suggestions for constitutional changes. The commission will meet for one year and travel the state identifying issues, performing research, and gathering public input. I encourage you as a citizen of Florida and District 28 to attend and participate in the statewide public hearings to make sure that issues you care about are considered by the CRC.

The proposals made by the commission will appear on the 2018 ballot, so please make a plan to follow news from the commission and go out and vote next November! Additionally, President of the Senate Joe Negron announced his appointees for the CRC this week, which you can check out on the webpage

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