President’s Message – July 2018 Is it a Duck Fit?

Jim Carter

Okay! Okay! Take a deep breath. Calm down. Yes, the media is having a duck fit along with al the know it all experts on Russia.

What makes this any different from any thing else the President Trump does? Russian meddling or any other county in our elections is unacceptable. The presidents wording needed to be crisp and to the Point. It wasn’t as we expected. Cut him some slack. It’s a world news conference and you don’t slam the president of a world power.

Let’s take a look at what President Trump has done with the Russians.

He has imposed tough sanctions on Russian Oligarch’s who make millions ripping of the Russian people. He has armed Ukrainian rebels who guard against a Russian invasion.

On the flip side he used Helsinki as a chance to improve our relations with Russia across a wide variety of topics .

Over the past 20 years our relationship with Russia has deteriorated. Mistakes have been made on both sides. Clinton, George W. Bush and Obama had little success.

The Washington establishment is locked into failed polices that views Russian relationships as confrontational.

Trump, the pragmatist, is taking a fresh approach. He recognizes the U.S and Russia have 90% of the worlds nuclear weapons. He believes dialogue presents opportunities to work on shared interests – Terrorism, Trade, cultural exchanges to name a few.

He has Stated emphatically he will not tolerate Russian meddling in our elections on his watch.

In the words of Teddy Roosevelt he walks softly and carries a big stick. No red lines and leading from behind.

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