Happy Independence Day – Collier GOP Chairman Ron Kezeske

Fellow Collier County Republicans,

Happy Independence Day! I hope each of your days will be filled with Parades (hopefully with us), bbq’s, pool or beach parties, a beer or two (for those over 21) and camaraderie. I’d like to take a minute to share with you some personal thoughts:

The Fourth of July, more than almost any other Holiday, has been a time of reflection, appreciation, belief and hope for me. Although we all end up in different places, as Americans, we all share a similar origin of being part of the land of opportunity. As many today will have you believe that the “American Dream” is dead, I can assure you it is not. For those who truly believe, anything can be achieved. I won’t bore you with my personal story, as I’m suspicious each of you can look at some point in your life where you came to know this was, and always be, the land of opportunity; provided our leaders are of the same conviction.

So why should we ALL reflect on these things now? Because it was at this time that our Founding Fathers believed so bigly (see what I did there) in the idea of what would end up being the United States of America, they committed treason, and almost certain death to pursue it. Although I’m sure this isn’t the first time you’ve read that, please reflect on it. It makes our day-to-day challenges in our pursuit for whatever our American Dream is somewhat silly.

Would we have the courage and strength to brave such a challenge if faced? This year, you do have the opportunity. Every election, we must make a choice, whether to vote or remove ourselves from the process. This year, to maintain the integrity of the American Dream and to ensure Florida is a beacon for those who dare to pursuit it…vote. I assure you, for Florida’s future, it’s never been more important.

Happy Independence Day, and God Bless!

Ron Kezeske
Collier GOP

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