President’s Message – July 2017

Jim Carter

I hope you are enjoying your summer! It was a terrific Independence Day in Naples. The 4th of July parade was a big success .

While we didn’t meet in July, August will start another full year of great programs as we go into election year 2018. Hard to believe!! Another round of critical elections as Governor Scott is termed out and running for the U.S.Senate against incumbent Democrat Bill Nelson. I’m already contacting candidates who are expected to run for Governor.

This fall our Salute to Veterans NOVEMBER 3, at the Hilton, will be an awesome event. Keni Thomas, an Army Ranger who fought in the battle of Mogadishu known to us by the movie BLACK HAWK Down based on the book by the same title. He was a consultant to the movie production as he relived that 18 hour fire fight where 19 Americans died an 78 were wounded. Sgt. Thomas stayed in the Army for three more years as a Ranger team leader Keni got out of the Army to pursue his music career. He is an award winning Nashville recording artist. His band Cornbread was featured in the film Sweet Home in Alabama and regularly tours with the CSO to entertain our troops.

Keni Thomas

His book “Get It On” is already a best seller. His message is powerful and has been engaged by many Fortune 100 companies as an outstanding Motivational speaker.
This is going to be a memorable Salute to Veterans Event. You don’t want to miss it. Tickets will go on sale August 1. The fee is $35.for everyone, EXCEPT the first 50 Veterans, who register out side of our membership, will be our guests. This is a major community out reach. Sponsor packages will be announced August 1. Preferred seating is available for table purchases of 8.

Go to our web site or Facebook page to keep updated on this event. Yes, Keni is the son of our own John Thomas, Col.US Army(ret). If it wasn’t for John , this event wouldn’t happen. View the event here.
Jim Carter,

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