Jim Carter

By: Jim Carter, Ph.D.

Why would people be surprised that Obama is staying in Washington, DC? Chicago is no longer a viable base and is loaded with problems. Hawaii is too distant and certainly not a power base for the former president. His behavioral profile and political ideology would never allow him to go away and assume a less viable political profile.

While acting President, Obama had to mask his extreme Nationalist-Socialistic beliefs, and his desire to be Dictator-in-Chief. Now the gloves are off. His Shadow government is operational, with his old pal Eric Holder running Obama’s Organization for Action (OFA). There is no doubt that Obama is the power behind OFA. Their operational headquarters is Obama’s DC mansion located within two miles of the White House. He has his own office, with his chief of staff and press secretary.

Michele Obama will also open an office along with the Obama Foundation (www.obama.org). This site claims: “The Obama Center will be based on the South side of Chicago, but will have projects all over the city, the county, and the world.” Obama’s quote maintains, “I won’t stop in fact, I will be right there with you, as a citizen for all my days that remain.”

Obama’s OFA, working with his far left wing cronies, formed a 501©4, which doesn’t have to disclose donors. OFA already reportedly has over 32,500 followers nationwide (www. Ofa.us/). Organization for Action has raised more than forty million in contributions and grants with more coming in every day. Since you can’t trace the donors, guess who is behind the money machine? Good old George Soros and his wealthy friends. Next month, I will document some of the various organizations George Soros has formed and funded.

Obama used his 2012 data base to implement a two-fold plan. Get out the vote for progressives in Congress, and to build a wall of resistance to any and all of President Trump’s programs. Remember, all of this is by design. One of the first things that Obama did when he first took office was hire a “Perception Management” organization. We have witnessed the steady success of this process. The Democratic Party no long exists. The new party prefers the term “Progressive” which is a cover for National Socialism.

Obama’s directive to his foot soldiers is, “Get over the election loss and move forward to protect what we’ve accomplished.” He has been quoted as saying, “So don’t mope. Now is the time for organizing for the 2018 election to take back the House and the Senate.”

The purpose of OFA, according to its IRS filing, is to train young activities (products of our socialistic education system) in organizing skills, blocking strategies; continuous-disruptive noise deigned to keep others from stating their point of view, and public speaking techniques. If you watch “Fair and Balanced” television news, you will witness the success of these techniques. Progressive guests will not allow the opposing party, and even the moderators, to talk.

Organization for Action activists help to organize anti-Trump marches throughout U.S. cities some of which have turned into riots. President Trump’s temporary ban on immigration turned into a siren call for Obama’s demonstrators. They jammed airports and streets chanting, “No ban, no wall, sanctuary for all!” Ever wondered how quickly all of those professional protest signs just popped up overnight?

Stay informed. Speak up. Support candidates who share your American values, or you might wake up and it will all be gone.

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