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Greg Engel to All

It is with heavy heart that I inform everyone that my Dad, Paul Engel, passed away last night at his home.  The aggressive cancer continued to spread and all treatments had little effect.  Paul was admitted to NCH hospital in Naples, Fl on New Years Day to try to combat the weakness and pain.  After 2+ months of a never give up fight, on Tuesday, he made the decision that he wanted to come home with hospice care as the pain from this horrible cancer was becoming unbearable.  He was happy that my brother Tom and I were able to spring him from the hospital on Wednesday afternoon and get him set up with an adjustable bed in front of his new big screen tv.  

The immediate family, including his sister and brother in-law from Minnesota were able to gather around and spend some very valuable time with him over the last 2-3 days.  I know he talked to our communicated with many of you over the last couple of days and wanted to make sure that everyone knew how important their relationships were to him.  

As you know, Paul loved traveling with his family/friends, fishing and drinking Lite Beer so I thought I’d share a private tribute video:

We will be planning a memorial service for dad over the next couple of days and will keep everyone informed of the details.  Please feel free to share this with others and remember to always wear sunscreen.

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