January 2017 President’s Message

Jim Carter

After hearing President Obama’s farewell address to the Nation ( and I hope it’s the last) and initial Senate confirmation hearings on Jeff Sessions for Attorney  General and Rex Tillerson for Secretary of State, I’ve concluded we are truly fortunate Donald Trump is our President. Trump is surrounding himself with high quality, intelligent and knowledgeable people that clearly know how the world works.

Obama is a great speaker as long as its scripted on a TelePrompTer. Otherwise he rambles and repeats himself  and shows you his egotistical and narcissist self. He will leave office and form a shadow government financed by George Soros and his cronies. They believe in National Socialism with them controlling every facet of your life. Not once during his last speech or any others does he say that we are a constitutional Republic. That’s what we are. To him, it’s by intent, he uses the word Democracy. A democracy makes all decisions by a simple majority vote. How convenient . He and his fellow travelers would get rid of the Electoral College in a heart beat.

The trouble is most people don’t understand the Electoral College prevents a few population centers from controlling who is elected President. For example: Hillary won California 5,860,714 to Trumps 3,151,821-61.6% to 33.1% exclusive of other candidates. But take her California vote away from her National vote and it’s 54,978,783. Do the same with Trump and his is 57,113,976. Now Trump’s popular vote is 51.3% and Hillary is 48.7%. So Hillary is President of California!!

Great she fits right in with the land of nuts and Hollywood fools who spend most of their lives pretending they are some one else. This is the wisdom of the Electoral College. It represents all the States–not one or two. This is one of the reasons why we are the most successful Republic the world has ever known and not just a democracy.

This election period is one of sweet success : we won

  • The Presidency  
  • A majority in the House 
  • A majority in the Senate 
  • Almost 2/3 of Governorships 
  • Total control of State Houses in almost 2/3 of the states 
  • And soon we should add a majority to the Supreme Court

The only way we will fail is if we fight among ourselves and lose focus on the goals of National Security, reducing govt. regulations, streaming the Tax codes ( business and personal), revamping health care and education and build America’s resources to operate from strength. We don’t need to change the Constitution, Amendments or Bill of Rights. We only need to educate those who don’t understand them. Perhaps that’s why cockroaches have a higher rating than the U.S. Senate.

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