May Meeting – Cyber Security Systems – Greg Scasny

Cybersecurity education and awareness is your first line of defense against attacks.

Get ready for a mind blowing session on how attackers gain access to your computer, with Gregory P. Scasny on Cyber Security.

Scasny is the CEO of Cybersecurity Defense Solutions

The best security technology in the world can’t help you unless you understand how to safeguard sensitive data and protect resources. This will involve putting practices and policies in place that promote security be able to identify and avoid risks.

Tips to be Covered

  • Keeping a clean machine: You should have clear rules for you will install and keep on your computers.
  • Following good password practices: Making passwords long and strong, with a mix of uppercase and lowercase letters, numbers and symbols, along with changing them routinely and keeping them private are the easiest and most effective steps you can take to protect your data.
  • When in doubt, throw it out: Do not to open suspicious links in email, tweets, posts, online ads, messages or attachments – even if you know the source.
  • Backing up your work: Whether you set your computers to backup automatically or do it yourselves, employees should be instructed on their role in protecting your work.

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Gregory Scasny

Bio: Gregory P. Scasny

Cyber Security Systems

Greg is currently the CEO of CDS. He leads the strategic and technological
vision for the Network Security business solutions within CDS.
Greg is a graduate of Purdue University with a Bachelor’s Degree in Electrical
Engineering and Technology, with a focus on networking and
communications. A native of Northwest Indiana, Greg was employed out of
college as a ICS/Systems Engineer for Bethlehem Steel, where he worked and
was trained on securing various communication and control systems,
including very large scale ICS networks, SCADA Systems and VAX/VMS

From Bethlehem, Greg started a Managed IT services company that provided IT and Information Security
services to businesses. in addition to his management duties, Greg led the information security side of
the IT business, designing several network security platforms that are installed at hundreds of sites still

Upon exiting that business, Greg started CDS in 2014 to focus on information security as the core
business. At CDS, Greg is responsible for leading the consulting and product development of the
business, which includes in-depth cyber-security assessments, penetration testing, security program
implementation, virtual CISO services, SOC implementation, Intrusion Detection and Analysis, Threat
Intelligence and Deceptive Blue Team Defense Tactics. We truly take a “purple team” approach to our
client cyber security needs.

Greg is very active in the Southwest Florida Community. Greg has served on the Board of Directors for
the Southwest Florida Regional Technology Partnership, serves on the Business Advisory Committee for
Dunbar High School, The Advisory Board for The Rocket Lounge, The Cybersecurity Advisory Board for
Fort Myers Technical College, The Hodges University School of Technology Advisory Board and is also a
returning alumni for the News Press Young Professionals Advisory Board.

Greg has served as a mentor to the Ft Myers High School Cyber-Patriot Program and also has served on
the Citizen’s Editorial Board for The News Press. Recently, Greg has been named Cybersecurity Advisor
for Florida Gulf Coast University to assist in building a “Cyber-Lab” for their Cybersecurity Program.
Greg is a regular guest on WINK News, Fox 4 News, ABC-7 News and NBC-2 News in Fort Myers Florida
for Cybersecurity, Hacking stories and expertise. In addition, Greg has provided Cybersecurity Awareness
Training for the entire City of Cape Coral and for the IRS Cybercrimes Division in Tampa Fl. Greg has also
presented at the Cyber Ready conference at MacDill Air Force Base in Tampa Florida on Incident

Greg regularly volunteers to do speaking engagements, TV appearances and panel discussions on
Information Security, Hacking, Best Practices and Incident Response.

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