Commissioner Solis Update February 21

A quick update for the week ahead — you may have already heard elsewhere in the media, but I wanted to share the Department of Health’s FAQ on the delayed vaccine shipment, and its effects on their schedules. The current info is in the FAQ section below; I hope to get more information early this week.

For all the retired nurses, etc., who have contacted my office wanted to volunteer to help with the vaccination efforts, the Florida Department of Emergency Management is ready to accept your help! Read more on that below, as well.

With less vaccine info to share this week, I am glad to have a chance to share more about what’s happening at your Board of County Commissioners (BCC)! Pre-Covid, this was the type of thing I most commonly shared via this newsletter — I hope it is of interest to all the new subscribers. So, without further ado, here are the top 7 items we will decide at Tuesday’s BCC meeting, based on what I think you will think is important to our community. You can click on the links to read more details:

#7: Award the contract for the final phase of the Vanderbilt Drive Underground Utility Conversion. This project has been going on since before I was elected, and is finally entering its last phase. I know this will come as a relief for the volunteer members of the MSTU who have been working diligently on this, and to the affected residents. More on that HERE.

#6: Set the place and time for the Clerk of Courts to open and count the mail ballots for the Pelican Bay Services Division Board. Spoiler alert: it’s Wednesday, March 10 at 10:00 a.m. But you can reach more about it HERE.

#5: Award a contract to restore the activity pool at the Sun-N-Fun Lagoon Water Park. Apparently it is in bad shape — delamination of the pool interior is creating a cut hazard, and while it has been patched a few times, it is ready for a complete resurfacing. Read more about it HERE.

#4: Begin conversations about the budget for next year (yes, it’s already time for that). We will learn more about the effects of Covid on our county’s finances, and set guidance for the other constitutional officers to prepare their budgets for submission later this spring. See more on this HERE.

#3: Learn more about the potential for a Great Wolf Resort location adjacent to the Paradise Coast Sports Complex. People I know with kids have a lot of good things to say about these resorts and what a draw they are to a community. I’m looking forward to learning more; you can read the reports HERE.

#2: Select a site to locate the Collier County Mental Health Facility. Most of you know that changing the way Collier County deals with our mental health and addiction needs has been a top priority of mine since day 1 of my service as a county commissioner. And many of you have told me that this item was a main reason for your support of the sales surtax passed in 2018. (More on the surtax coming in the next newsletter!) I am delighted to see this important project progress; more details are HERE.

#1: Adopt an Ordinance creating the Palm River Sidewalk Municipal Service Taxing Unit to install sidewalks in the Palm River Estates community. Another project that has been around since my first year on the BCC — this community has worked to build consensus around creating a special taxing unit to pay for a neighborhood sidewalk. We held a special virtual townhall to go over all the reasons why now is the time — with an upcoming utility project in the community, there will be significant cost savings and reduced disruption to the residents. You can learn more about this project HERE.

All these issues (and many, many more!) will be decided at the meeting of the Board of County Commissioners on Tuesday., Feb 23, at the government complex at 3299 Tamiami Trail East — marked ‘County Admin’ on this map — beginning at 9am. (The meeting begins at 9; we do not know when any particular item will come up.)

As always, you are welcome to attend to participate (there will be appropriate distancing in place and masks are required), or you can watch it live online, or on your cable channel 97. If you wish to participate remotely, you can register to do so HERE. Shortly following the meeting, the video will be available to watch on demand.

I always say it but it’s true – I appreciate you reading and sharing the newsletter. Thank you! Please continue to be careful, enjoy this beautiful weather, and stay safe.

Want to be a Volunteer Vaccinator?

Many retired medical professionals have reached out asking about how they might volunteer their time to help with the vaccination efforts. The Florida Division of Emergency Management (FDEM) is now seeking volunteers to administer COVID-19 vaccinations.

If you have received one of the following medical licenses, follow this link to add yourself to the FDEM volunteer roster for vaccination sites. (You’ll need to have your license number to register; they will activate it for you if necessary.)
Home Health Nurse * Physician * Medical Doctor * Paramedic

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