Commissioner LoCastro Report February 22

It’s important for me to “bring the Commissioner to the people”. Please contact me if you would like me to speak to your Community, Neighborhood, Club, Organization, Company, Business, etc.… in person or via Zoom… I welcome and appreciate the opportunity! Thank you for the opportunity to serve YOU…it’s an honor!!

COVID Update

I share citizen frustrations and Commissioners are doing everything possible to work with our Department of Health. These vaccines come from the federal level to the state…and directly to the Department of Health. Collier County is getting a very small number of doses and that’s why the appointments run out in record time. Other counties like Lee, Dade, and others on the east coast (where some citizens are traveling to get their shots) didn’t work harder to get the vaccine… Federal and state levels directed the vaccine to them sooner and in larger quantities because their Covid outbreak is much more substantial. It’s not a matter of elected officials “lobbying“ for more vaccine or more vaccine locations.

The State launched the ShareCare system on January 28, 2021 with 8 pilot Counties…Collier County was not one they selected. The Counties chosen did not have a registration system in place for the COVID-19 Vaccine rollout as we did; however, DOH-Collier will be transitioning to the ShareCare site when the state gives them the green light.


Due to the winter weather in parts of the country, there has been a delay in the shipment COVID-19 Vaccine, including second doses. The Florida Department of Health in Collier County (DOH-Collier) should have an update over the next several days. Once they have confirmation of the incoming doses arriving, DOH-Collier will notify residents to schedule an appointment. Per CDC Guidelines, the second dose of both the Pfizer and of the Moderna vaccine may be administered up to 6 weeks (42 days) after the first dose.


Click on the link below to get the latest information from the DOH. It includes information on Proof of Residency, Second Dose Information, Publix, Winn-Dixie, Walmart, etc…:
Vaccine Roll Out FAQs


The DOH call center will remain open Monday – Sunday from 9:00am to 5:00pm. Contact numbers: (239) 252-6220 or (239) 252-8200. Monitor the following websites:



Spent last week in several County buildings meeting staff from our Procurement and Risk Management Departments. They both do an extremely important job working contracts and taking care of employees. I was very impressed and proud of the two groups I met… to learn their business… and to get to know my fellow County team members. Always honored and humbled to also again hear… I’m the only Commissioner who has ever visited their offices.


As the newest of your five Collier County Commissioners (having just been elected this past November) two questions I hear a lot are:
• How many people live in each District?
• Who is my Commissioner?
It’s important to know what District you live in and who your Commissioner is. Collier County has an annual budget of $2 Billion & your five County Commissioners are in essence the “CEOs“ who manage, budget, direct, etc.… the use of our taxpayer dollars for the Preservation, Protection, & Improvement of our community. During elections, you can only vote for the County Commissioner in the District where you/they live. However, regardless of District (once elections are over) all five Commissioners vote equally on EVERYTHING that affects Collier County. As you can see by the chart below, District 1 has the 2nd largest population… but my opinion has always been, it’s the most diverse. There are million dollar homes in some areas and also plenty of workforce and affordable housing in others. District 1 also has quite a bit of growth already… but unlike most of the other Districts, still has a fair amount of green space we don’t want to waste by building the wrong things.…unfortunately however, we’ve done plenty of that over the years.

So who are your Commissioners?
• District 1: Rick LoCastro
• District 2: Andy Solis
• District 3: Burt Saunders
• District 4: Penny Taylor
• District 5: Bill McDaniel
KNOW your elected officials! You might not always agree with every single vote… but for me… your voice, your opinion, and your feedback are critical to my preparations going into a vote. Knowing what’s important to you as my constituents. Also, as the only full-time Commissioner, I am completely accessible to you in every way.


* Click on the link to know who your Commissioner is:
Find your Commissioner

* Click on the link to know your State and Federal representatives:
Elected Representatives



• The Vineyards: Honored to be invited by my friend Jean-Marc Katzeff to be the guest speaker at his business owner & resident network gathering at The Vineyards (District 3). It was fantastic meeting more citizens, sharing thoughts about Collier County, and getting feedback on their areas of concern. As a full-time County Commissioner… I’m doing a deep dive into my District (District 1)…but also want to ensure I am visible to citizens and open to discussion all over our County. Extremely valuable to meet business owners and engaged residents to discuss the Past, Present, & Future challenges and opportunities of our County… and to ensure we Preserve, Protect, & Improve our community in EVERY District.
• Riviera Golf Estates: A large community in the heart of East Naples…Riviera Golf Estates hosted me during their annual meeting last week to elect Board members, a new President & VP. While they were counting votes, I spoke to residents for nearly an hour on issues specific to their community as well as Collier County. As I promised during my campaign—I am “Bringing the Commissioner to the People“. No more once a year generic Townhall meetings… we will have regularly scheduled meetings in a multitude of communities. This was my 14th Townhall meeting since starting in December. Congratulations to the new Riviera Golf Estates President Lea Cassetta & VP Alan Carpenter. They will join a group of newly elected Board members to form the leadership representation for their community. I will work closely with them just as I’m doing with the elected members in other District 1 communities.
• Isles of Capri: Great meeting with a select group of citizens to talk about environmental and water issues specific to their community. Productive discussion about a multitude of neglected topics or that need leadership and acceleration to finally take ACTION. We are headed in a great direction… especially after this meeting.
• Rotary Club: Honored to be guest speaker last week for Marco Island Sunrise Rotary Club during our weekly Zoom meeting. Shared what’s going on in District 1 and Collier County from COVID to new initiatives and actions we are leading. Rotarians do amazing things… proud to be a member!


Spent an afternoon with my fellow veterans at the Wounded Warriors of Collier County Alpha House shooting a video of support. This amazing facility houses a small handful of Veterans who need a hand up…and are getting it. The Alpha House completely funded through donations provides a safe roof over the heads of formerly homeless Veterans to give them a faster start finding employment and getting them back on their feet. Our population talks a lot about pride of our country and our Veterans… but it takes more than saying “thanks for your service“… or flying the American flag once a year. Wounded Warriors of Collier County is an organization I FULLY support! One that makes use of every dollar they get …and their successes are miraculous.

It was disappointing late last year when this organization went before the Naples City Council and were denied an adjustment that would allow them to fill the final two empty beds in the house. Certainly we make concessions and give incentives to things in this County far less important than housing and helping Veterans in need. Hopefully these elected “public servants” will have second thoughts and we can fill the two “ready to go” empty beds the Naples City Council voted against utilizing. Proud to also join my fellow Commissioner Andy Solis a few weeks ago supporting the organization’s “VETS COUNT“ initiative. Over 40 volunteers went into wooded & abandoned areas of East Naples immediately discovering Veterans as well as homeless civilians… and assisted them to the maximum. This is the type of amazing work Dale Mullin (President) and this organization does every day. Our Veterans deserve better. Thankfully the Wounded Warriors of Collier County ARE doing everything possible… but they need your help.

For more information visit:


What a moving, patriotic, and meaningful ceremony on Marco Island to honor our American flag and our heroes! The Marco Rotary Club Noontime and YMCA of South Collier presented “Flags For Heroes” where citizens sponsored hundreds of flags for a hero they wanted to honor. Military, First Responders, Teachers, Parents… anyone they consider a person who made a difference to our Nation or in their own lives. Marco Noontime Rotary President Linda Sandlin and husband Alan were fantastic emcees! Proceeds from the event will serve multiple critical community needs. Thanks to the Lely High School JROTC Color guard for another amazing job… and Marco City Council Chair Jared Grifoni for adding moving words and reading a City proclamation marking this first time event which we hope becomes a growing ANNUAL tradition!

As always… I appreciate your trust and confidence. Thank you for taking the time to read this newsletter and for sharing the information.

Remember…if you would like me to speak to your Community, Organization, Club, etc… in person or via Zoom… please don’t hesitate to contact me.

We’re working to exceed your expectations every day!

Collier County Commissioner, District 1

Chair – Affordable Housing Advisory Committee
Chair – Public Safety Coordinating Council, Chair
Co-Chair – Southwest Florida Regional Planning Council
Board Member – Blue Zone Steering Committee

Reach out to me anytime via Email, Text, Phone or through Facebook…
…I want to hear from you!

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3299 Tamiami Trl E, Suite 303, Naples FL 34112
Office: (239) 252-8601
Mobile: (239) 777-2452

Aixa Capizzi
Executive Coordinator to Commissioner LoCastro
Office: (239) 252-8601

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