The Melo Minute

The Melo Minute

August 6th, 2021 – Critical Race Theory Edition

Preventing CRT in CCPS

On Tuesday, August 3rd, I attended a press conference in front of Collier County Public Schools (CCPS) where Congressman Donalds, Representative Rommel, and Commissioner McDaniel discussed the dangers of Critical Race Theory (CRT).

For those of you who may be unfamiliar with CRT, it is essentially a social theory which reasons that much of society’s construction and functioning is as a result of race and racism. It is an academic lens derived from critical theory — which borrows from Marxist thinking — and views all social institutions, programs, laws, distribution of power/resources, and relationships through the prism of race and racism.

I disagree with the notion of examining all social interactions through the prism of race. I believe doing so is dishonest and misleading. The idea that American history and the successes of others is a result of racism belittles the amazing principles of our country’s founding and the positive progress our nation has made in race relations. It is a narrow means of thinking about issues that are often much more nuanced than being solely about race. Racism has been an important issue in our nation’s history and it should be discussed in modern times, but to have it be the defining medium in which one views the world is, in my opinion, narrowminded and lazy.

I was proud to show my support and respect to my colleagues and fellow patriots on Tuesday as we all conversed about how this theory could negatively impact the education of our kids. Rest assured that your local leaders will not tolerate CRT being taught in our public schools now or ever. We must stay vigilant and ensure that our students learn how to treat each other, not based upon the color of skin, but by the content of one’s character.

It should be noted that the CCPS school board and the superintendent have said that they do not support teaching CRT in our schools. Furthermore, the Florida State Board of Education unanimously voted to ban the theory being taught in Florida schools on June 10th, 2021.

Governor’s Executive Order

Last Friday, Governor DeSantis signed Executive Order 21-175 which ensures parents’ freedom to choose whether or not their children should wear masks in schools. The Governor issued the order to push back on the increasing desire among school districts to reinstitute mask mandates in schools as there is little evidence to show children or schools being high risk for COVID-19 — for either spreading it or being medically hazardous. This executive order is in line with a bill I voted favorably on that passed last Session — HB 241 Parents’ Bill of Rights — as it is the right of all parents to make healthcare decisions for their minor children.

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The Song of the Week!

Have a suggestion for the next Song of the Week? Let us know!
This week’s song is “Another Brick in the Wall” by Pink Floyd. While everyone does need education, our students certainly should not be taught ideologies — like CRT — as fact. We don’t need politically skewed narratives masquerading as truth in our schools — we don’t need that kind of “education.”

Fun fact: The band’s producer came up with the idea to use a choir of kids in this song because it fit another song he worked on so well: Alice Cooper’s “School’s Out.”

Sales Tax Holiday

There’s a sales tax holiday for the next three days up until August 9th. Be sure to capitalize on this opportunity and buy all of the school supplies your kids need for the upcoming school year!


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