Wrap Up – Breakfast With School Superintendent Leslie Ricciardelli – What to know

From Dr. Leslie Ricciardelli,

I want to express my gratitude for such a warm welcome and for the opportunity to introduce myself to the group and to share information on CCPS. As promised, I have attached the presentation I shared this morning.

Click on the Presentation Here

Also, I want to include some additional information for your members just in case they want to dig a little deeper into the work of the school district. Visitors to our school district’s “Did You Know” webpage (link and screen shot below) will see the Explaining Figures section where this is a one-page flyer regarding the 23-24 Proposed Budget.  They will also be able to go through the Fiscal Responsibility presentation from a recent School Board meeting and also be able to view a video presentation addressing common misconceptions from our Chief Financial Officer John Antonacci.

Click Here to review fast facts


View the Photo Gallery from the breakfast


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