Why We Are Making a Difference – September 2018 President’s Message

Jim Carter

A few days ago I received an envelope from Lorenzo Walker Technical School. Enclosed were thirteen thank you notes from dental and X-ray technicians. They are duel enrolled to achieve certificates in these respective fields to be licensed by the State of Florida to practice as certified tech’s.

Thanks to your support of our SCHOLARSHIP FUND through your DUES and SALUTE to VETERANS these young professionals are now getting established in OUR community.

Here are some quotes “as a dual enrolled high school student, money was hard to come by…I am now a CDA thanks to you. ” Jocelyn M.

“I was so worried about the fee….thank you for paying for my exam God bless you.” Luxcinda.

“Thank you…,gave my family such a financial relief.” Jacqueline C

All of these notes were so heart felt. We do make a difference. I’m so proud to be a Republican and for being a part of a group who LIVES these words and takes action to make it happen. “Children are 25% of our Population but 100% of our future.”

Jim Carter

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