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The 2022 Regular Legislative Session is quickly coming to a close. I am very proud of all the great legislation that I was honored to pass on the floor of the Florida House of Representatives. Through all the highs and lows, not a moment was wasted in ensuring that both District 80 and the State of Florida remains a vibrant, healthy, and prosperous place to live. From proactive legislation that improves Florida’s Water quality to strengthening and supporting small businesses, this legislative session will be one to remember. I am happy to share with you all of my legislative accomplishments listed below. Thank you for your calls, emails, visits, and for your support in making this Session more successful than the last. It is an honor to serve you as your State Representative of Florida House District 80 (now 82) and look forward to continuing to work hard, to be more, and do more for the the people of Southwest Florida!

HB 411
(Vote: 115-2)
Now substituted by SB 542, this legislation creates a “safe harbor” for business owners by ensuring materials provided to independent contractors during a declared emergency would not alter their employment status. This protects business owners from being punished with frivolous lawsuits for doing good deeds.
HB 461
(Vote: 113-0)

This is my Bright Futures bill! It will allow students to apply their work hours toward the required volunteer service hours. Students would even be able to combine both volunteer and work hours. I believe that students who have to work should have the same opportunity in obtaining the Florida Bright Futures Scholarship as their peers.

HB 579
(Vote: 114-0)

This nutrient reduction bill originated from a concerned constituent who cares deeply for Southwest Florida’s water quality. This bill instructs FWC, in partnership with UF/IFAS and FGCU’s Water School, to conduct a study of nutrient removal technologies and the effects those techniques will have to reduce harmful algal blooms in the Lake Okeechobee watershed.
HB 1495
(Vote: 116-0)

HB 1495 codifies the four special acts of the Immokalee Water and Sewer District into a single act. The bill also amends the District’s charter to simply bring it into the modern era so that it may operate just as most other special districts do.
HB 915
(Vote: 115-0)
My Commercial Motor Vehicle Registration bill will reduce the regulatory burden on Florida truckers by allowing them to replace their physical license plates every three years instead of every year.

HB 1239
(Vote: 80-31)

This bill became an unexpected landmark piece of legislation for nursing homes in the State of Florida. HB 1239 will alleviate the staffing shortages in nursing homes and will also improve the quality of care for nursing home residents. Another benefit of the bill is allowing CNA’s to be assigned to residents who need them most. This major legislation is a great step toward improving the quality of care in Florida’s nursing homes.

Legislative Highlights

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The Song Of The Week

This week’s Song of the Week is
“This Girl Is On Fire” by Alicia Keys.

This girl was definitely on fire this week! I was thrilled to pass all seven of my bills through the Florida House of Representatives in one week; five on one day! With one week to go in the Regular Legislative Session I am ready to come home to the District and celebrate with all you. If you need to reach Team Melo, please Click Here for Office Details.

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