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June 16, 2023
A Week in Review!
Issue No. 114

District 82 Updates


State Budget Signed

Yesterday, Governor DeSantis signed the state budget.


Listed below are the individual projects I supported:


The Framework for Freedom Budget includes $2.7 billion in tax relief, the largest in our state’s history.


The “Moving Forward Florida Initiative” receives $4 billion to accelerate infrastructure projects in high-traffic areas, relieving congestion caused by rapid population growth.


The budget allocates $1.6 billion for Everglades and water resource preservation, ensuring a sustainable future for Florida’s natural treasures.


$635 million will go towards funding workforce education programs and apprenticeships.


I have listed below the projects I submitted that were approved by Governor DeSantis and will benefit Collier and Hendry Counties.




·        IMMOKALEE SMART UTILITY $3,500,000

·        IMMOKALEE FIRE STATION $6,500,000

·        HEALTHCARE NETWORK $1,750,000

·        HOME BASE VETERANS $1,500,000

·        CITY OF LABELLE FIRE STATION $6,500,000



·        PORT LABELLE ULITITY UNIT 1 $7,500,000

·        PORT LABELLE UTILITY UNITS 2&3 $4,300,000

·        IMMOKALEE WATER REUSE $5,000,000

·        OIL WELL ROAD SEGMENT 3 $1,120,000

·        OIL WELL ROAD SEGMENT 4 $1,015,000

·        GOLDEN GATE STORMWATER $2,800,000


·        HOPE CONNECTIONS $400,000


·        CDL CONSORTIUM $3,800,000

Southern Regional Education Board

10-12 June in Atlanta


Next to me were Representative Massulo, Representative Tuck, Representative Trabulsy, and Dr. Devin Stephenson, NWF State College President/CEO.


Earlier this week, I attended the Southern Regional Education Board conference in Atlanta.


The Florida House education chairs showcased what Florida is doing to stay number 1 in education.


The conference was a consortium of all legislative members from many different states, sharing their policies and successes in their individual state.


Women In Real Estate Conference


What an honor to be a speaker at the WIRE “Women In Real Estate” conference.


I have attended many of these and always admired the strong, uplifting female speakers.


Thank you, Florida Realtors, for including me.


I want to give special thanks to PJ Smith, Paula Angelopoulos Urbinati, and Marcie Roggow who carpooled with me to Orlando to support me!


Burmese Pythons




After studying the invasive Burmese pythons for a decade, the Conservancy of Southwest Florida has gathered alarming information:


·    Female pythons can have up to 100 eggs at once during the spring.

·    Pythons prey on any animal they find, and have decimated most of the mammals living in the Everglades. This has created an increase in the rat population. So far pythons have not killed humans.

·    They are a semi-aquatic species and can stay underwater for half an hour.

·    Because they only have a few predators in Florida such as bobcats, alligators, cottonmouths, and indigo snakes, there has been a huge increase in their population.

·    Pythons have an inner navigation system and easily come back to their home in the Everglades when relocated over 20 miles away.

·    So far they have remained in the Everglades but they might make their way to Alva and LaBelle.






Update on Veteran’s Nursing Home


On Tuesday, The Board of Collier County Commissioners approved setting aside $10 million to fund the construction of additional square footage in the future nursing home to provide adult care and outpatient therapy.


The funding would originate from the 1% sales surtax voters authorized in 2018 for several initiatives. In addition, the state Legislature will need to set aside $10 million during the 2024 session to assist in paying for the extra square footage required before the local funds can be used.


The nursing home will be located at the intersection of Collier Boulevard and Golden Gate Parkway.

8th Annual Veterans Recognition Day Event


On Wednesday, Veterans were honored by the Florida Department of Highway Safety (FLHSMV) and Motor Vehicles and its division of Highway Patrol.


To read the statewide news release, click here!


For more information on veteran resources at FLHSMV, click here!

Shy Wolf Sanctuary and Home Base Florida

Shy Wolf Sanctuary rescues wild animals that have been abandoned or neglected and gives them a home.


They partner with Home Base to help veterans connect with their resident animals.


For more information on Sabine and the other dogs up for adoption, click here!


For more information on Shy Wolf Sanctuary, click here!


For more information on Home Base Florida, click here!


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It is an honor to serve as your State Representative. My team and I will continue to listen, work, and legislate on your behalf as we look to the future. God bless you all, and God bless the great state of Florida!

Representative Lauren Melo

Florida House District 82

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