The Battle for Freedom – President’s Message May 2019

Jim Carter

Currently 22 Socialist Democrats are running for President. Yes, they all support Socialism to various degrees. They have four (4) major Themes:

  1.  They all despise Trump because he wants people to be independent and not dependent on government. Government’s purpose is to serve the people not the other way around. He wants workable trade policies, other countries to be responsible for paying a fair share for there own defense and domestic policies that put Americans first . Promises made, Promises kept.
  2. They are champion whiners and keep blaming everybody else for not doing better in the polls. For example Senator Gillinbrand from New York complains of sexism and being a working mom. The truth is her campaign was over before it started.
  3. They just can’t stop apologizing when confronted by someone on the campaign trail. They are spineless. Always down grading America. We know it all started with Obama and his world tour of apologizing for America as the cause of most of the world’s problems. We aren’t responsible for all that is wrong in this World. We have done more than any other country to try an make this world a better place. These self effacing candidates operate out of the same play book. Making statements like America has never been that great or women and minority’s are not doing well in this economy. The elderly will suffer if we do Social security reform. It’s the same mantra, the same playbook, just more of them embracing Socialism as the answer.
  4. They want to take away your individual FREEDOM. All of these candidates want to take something from you:
    1. Healthcare. Not one of them wants you to have the options to chose your own plan or be responsibility or accountable for your own Heath care.
    2. Education. No one has to pay for a college education. Really! That means the money comes out of your pocket.
    3. Free Speech. No way. These people want controlled speech. Look at the press, universities, etc. think like we want you to think.

These are just three examples.

These people all consider themselves elitists. You are not smart enough to make your own decisions. You shouldn’t be thinking for yourself. Only, they are capable of running your lives. They will attack your core beliefs- Faith, Family , independence, freedom of choice, the right to protect yourself or family( the Second amendment ) pride in being an American. Yes you are deplorable’s .

Lastly, not one of them wants to protect our Boarders or have immigration reform. They want open Borders. To them it’s all about power to control your life.

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