Senator Rick Scott’s Week in Review March 6

This week, Senator Rick Scott led his colleagues in introducing a bill which will require that members of Congress have enough time to read bills before voting on them and certify that they have read every bill they cast a vote on. This comes as Senate Democrats push forward with President Biden’s wasteful, untargeted 600-page, $2 trillion “COVID” spending bill – even though less than 10 percent of the bill actually deals with COVID. On Thursday, Senator Scott also released a statement supporting the full reading of Democrats’ spending bill on the Senate floor.

Senator Rick Scott said, “Too often, lawmakers in Washington pass bills without having time to read them before they vote. These are new laws that impact American families and businesses and sometimes even authorize billions or trillions in tax dollar spending. Scary, right? It’s ridiculous Washington dysfunction, and it has to end. I’m proud to lead my colleagues in making sure members of Congress get to work for the American people and actually read bills before casting their votes.”

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