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Governor DeSantis forces Biden reversal on treatments

: RPOF NewsletterAfter initially reducing Florida’s monoclonal antibody treatments again, the Biden Administration has changed direction under pressure from Governor DeSantis. The state of Florida has been notified that the feds are preparing to send an additional 30,000 monoclonal antibody doses to Florida.

This decision came the day after Governor DeSantis demanded the Biden Administration release its stranglehold on monoclonals and provide the state with the additional doses to support new monoclonal antibody sites, and expand treatment capacity at existing sites.

“The Legislature and I worked together to allocate more than $800 million for the rapid deployment of monoclonal antibody treatments throughout the state,” Governor DeSantis said. “After pressure from Florida, the federal government has begun planning to send 30,000 additional doses to our state, so we can stand up new sites and expand capacity at existing sites. We expect the Biden Administration to follow through so Floridians will have access to these life-saving treatments.”

New monoclonal antibody sites are being stood up in Duval, Collier, Miami-Dade, Broward, Palm Beach and Seminole counties, adding to the existing sites.

The federal government never should have taken over the supply. Florida and other states who had prioritized monoclonal treatments to great success were obtaining all the supplies needed until the Biden administration stepped in and took control of the supplies to spread them out to, it turns out, blue states at the expense of red states.

“Prior to the federal government takeover of the monoclonal market, Florida successfully distributed approximately 30,000 doses per week when we managed our own supply,” Governor DeSantis said. “The state has more than $800 million available to quickly deploy monoclonal antibody treatments throughout the state, and the only thing holding us back is the insufficient supply of treatment from the federal government.”

So when the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services announced that Florida’s allocation for this week is nearly 2,000 doses less than its allocation last week, and nearly 10,000 doses less than New York — a state with a smaller population — Governor DeSantis and his team leaped into action and got results.

Read more here: https://www.flgov.com/2022/01/04/following-governor-ron-desantis-calls-for-increased-monoclonal-supply-florida-notified-planning-process-for-shipment-of-30000-additional-doses-has-begun/



Investing in Florida’s high-tech manufacturing abilities

Governor DeSantis announced nearly $10 million for Osceola County and Valencia College to support semiconductor and other advanced technology manufacturing in Osceola County.

“Expanding domestic manufacturing capability is important for Florida and our nation,” Governor DeSantis said. “The strategic investments we are making today will help bring microchip and semiconductor manufacturing back to our state at a time when the supply chains are more fragile than ever. Certainly, we cannot allow this important industry to become captive to the Chinese Communist Party.”

The money includes $6 million to help develop infrastructure connecting the county’s emerging NeoCity technology district with the county’s workforce, plus $3.7 million to Valencia College to develop a new program that will train students to utilize robotics technology for semiconductor manufacturing. These two grants will combine to create manufacturing jobs while developing a talent pipeline that supports industry growth.

NeoCity is an effort in Osceola County to develop a location for semiconductor research, development, and manufacturing through partnerships within the emerging high-tech industry.

Read more: https://www.flgov.com/2022/01/05/governor-ron-desantis-announces-nearly-10-million-to-support-chip-and-semiconductor-manufacturing/

Attorney General Ashley Moody

Ashley Moody targets smash and grab crimes

Attorney General Ashley Moody is working with state legislators to proactively crack down on organized retail theft in Florida, also known as “smash-and-grabs,” before the national trend can take hold here.

Attorney General Moody held a news conference with lawmakers in Hialeah to announce legislative efforts to help law enforcement and prosecutors dismantle retail theft crime rings. Organized retail theft is on the rise nationwide, and the Attorney General is dedicated to ensuring that Florida remains ahead of the trend to prevent retail crime waves.

“We’ve seen the damage and disorder caused by brazen criminals across the country through terrifying smash-and-grab robberies, and we must continue to innovate to stay ahead of this national crime trend,” Attorney General Moody said. “Last month, I launched FORCE to bolster our efforts to stop and prevent organized retail crime in Florida and this legislative session, I will partner with state legislators to make sure our laws are effective in helping law enforcement and prosecutors stop retail theft gangs from targeting our stores.”

Read more here:http://www.myfloridalegal.com/newsrel.nsf/newsreleases/EA0AC36E5B9C0ACB852587C0006B8CE4



Democrat activist fails to stop Governor DeSantis

Democrat activist Ben Frazier, a professional trouble-maker with a long rap sheet, trespassed on private property and attempted to disrupt Governor DeSantis’ press conference related to the distribution of life-saving COVID treatments for Duval County.

The Democrat activist was politely asked to leave and refused multiple times, upon which he was escorted out by law enforcement. This is not the first time Frazier has run afoul of the law. He does not have a history of respecting law and order, much less standard protocol for a press conference.

After his removal, Governor DeSantis held the press conference to address the pressing issues related to life-saving treatments against COVID. The Governor is successfully fighting to increase the supply of COVID treatments that the Biden Administration is dangerously denying Florida residents. Democrats must not stand in the way of people getting the COVID treatments and information they need and deserve.

Biden’s approach has failed. He attempted to deliver fewer life-saving treatments to Florida residents this week than last week while giving more to New York and its smaller population. For Biden to pick and choose serving states based on political preference is wrong.

Fortunately, Governor DeSantis prevailed as was able to induce the feds to increase Florida’s supply by 30,000 doses.









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