President’s October Message – Love One Another

Russell Tuff
Collier County Republican Men’s Club

Salute, Connect and Love One Another

It’s finally here! Our next meeting on November 3 will be a luncheon, and it is our 6th Annual Salute to Veterans. This is our major fundraising event of the year.

While we always have an outstanding and inspiring speaker at our monthly meetings, this annual event also provides the funding for our veteran services donations and our scholarships. Please plan to attend, and I promise you’ll go home feeling proud to be an American, and you will be contributing to the future greatness of our community and country.

Learn more here.

It’s New

Hopefully you can make it on Tuesday October 10 to our first ever early evening social event that we’re calling “The Right Connections.” This event was originally scheduled in September, but was canceled due to Hurricane Idalia.

In addition to our regular breakfast meetings, many members have expressed an interest in meeting later in the day in order to have a better chance to socialize than is possible when one must leave to meet the challenges of the day after a breakfast meeting.  Learn more here.

To fill that niche, the Republican Men’s Club will be hosting a social at South Street Oven at Immokalee Road and Collier Blvd.

Promoting Republican Values

I am deeply concerned about the internal divisions within the Republican Party and our failure to uphold the Judeo-Christian values we often speak of. When any of us find ourselves criticizing fellow Republicans, we should instead strive to follow the commandment to “love one another” and remember the words from Corinthians: “If I don’t have love, I am but a clanging cymbal.”

Name calling such as “RINO’s” and other names because our fellow Republicans may hold minor differences in opinion, leaves openings for more policies by the Democrats, who seem to be able to overcome their differences and move even more to the

To achieve our goals in a Democrat-controlled Senate and White House, we must point out the shortcomings of the Democrat’s policies and highlight the benefits of implementing Republican values. We should focus on winning over the undecided 10% of voters through a message of love rather than belittling them. We already have the “right” leaning voters in our camp. We now have to get the moderates, and those more left leaning that have had enough of the destruction being promoted, such as men competing in women’s sports, boys in girl’s bathrooms, our overwhelmed borders, and Bidenflation causing $700 additional monthly expenses to the average household. I could go on and on.

This approach is essential for reclaiming our country and living in accordance with the cherished values we hold dear.

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  1. Rich Pettingill
    Rich Pettingill says:

    Russ, Like my pastor’s weekly message “Put a Love on ‘Em”, I agree with this message that you mentioned in this newsletter.

    I take issue with you, however, re the Rino word that you think is wrong and doesn’t contribute to the Unity desired. Our country is in a catastrophic phase currently and needs FRANK assessment of the issues at hand. We mostly agree that the Democrats are a distinct unit that votes the party line 100% of the time versus the Republicans. We name call each other and don’t unify as our opponents do during crucial votes. I agree that name calling is hurtful but with our very strong unifying message of Smaller Government, Strong Dominant Military Posture and Spending Budgets that are balanced (more than Balanced but should shrink in size a certain percent each year). The unity problem of the party should be easily resolved because of the dominate agreement of the three core republican principles just mentioned.

    Our speaker this past Friday was outstanding. He is a committed and a very knowledgeable former Politician who spoke elegantly about the spending affordability issue. He stated that both Democrats and Republicans are both guilty re overspending. I concur with that assessment.

    The angst which leads to name calling are the cave in republicans’ who are most prominent in the Senate (McConnell, Romney and Company …19 tor 38% of the senate republicans) who vote on the omnibus spending bills with the Democrats). The combined vote for approval of the budget is in the mid sixty per cent range made up of base Democrats and fringe republicans along with Speakers of the House like Banner, Ryan and McCarthy who typically make backroom deals with the Dems. This creates disgruntlement amongst us citizens who very much dislike and distrust Congress and recognize the harm being done to our country with the outrageous deficit spending . The deficit of $33 Trillion toady projected to be over $50 Trillion in less than a decade creates significant problems for the salvation of our country.

    I think the vacating of McCarthy this past week can be attributed to his breaking of the January agreement made with the core Conservatives of the Republican Party. His back room spending arrangement is untenable.

    Hopefully, this week the Republicans will select Jim Jordan as the next House Speaker. If so, I predict the country will finally be on the road to success in 2024. Open dialogue and transparency are essential in this environment and I believe Jim is the guy that’ll fulfill that need. Nothing is impossible but commitment to our sound principles clearly articulated and fully supported by Republicans will hopefully eliminate the need or the the thought to call someone a four letter R word.

    With my lookback based on this outline, Russ what else do you call those Republicans who align themselves with Democrats on Deficit Budget Issues? It might be a distasteful word to use identifying them as Rino’s but they have to be identified because republicans need to solidify their message and vote in unanimity. Our message has to be fully supported on all budget calls.

    Rich Pettingill


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