President’s Message May 2020

Jim Carter
President, Men’s Republican Club

Dear Fellow Republicans

I hope this letter finds you well. We all are going through a life experience we never expected and are not sure what to expect once the quarantine is phased out. For certain life won’t be the same.

A lot of what we need to continue to practice, like frequent hand washing, covering coughs and sneezes are just plain good hygiene.

Your Board has continued to meet by Zoom. Our goal is to re-start our monthly meetings in June. Since the June Meeting is the SECOND Friday the 12th, it increases our probability of holding this meeting.

Because of the ever changing conditions our promotion time will be short. A committee of the Board is working on the criteria for a safe meeting environment. Stay tuned by checking our web site or Facebook.

The JUNE PROGRAM will be Congressional Candidates running to replace Francis Rooney who is retiring. We have a stellar field.

Future meetings up to the August 18 primary, will feature Collier County Commissioner candidates, districts 1, 3 and 5. In addition we will have State Representatives for seat 80 and open School Board seats. These like all other elected offices are critical for our community.

The 2020 election is a break point for our Constitutional Republic. We must re-elect President Trump, hold the Senate and take back the House.

The Radical Democrats are obsessed with their hatred of Trump. They will do ANYTHING to get control of all branches of Government .

Remember, its all about POWER. They are Elitists. You are only a Pawn on a chessboard to them.

The radical Dem’s money machine will target every Republican and any Democrats who step out of line to discredit, lie and create false narratives about them. They are ruthless.

Of course over 90% of the media is a willing partner in these assassinations. Only two outlets give us a reasonable hearing : Fox News and Newsmax. The latter being the best. Support every candidate you can.

The Radical Democrats National ticket, led by Joe, the puppet, Biden is a disgrace. He never was the sharpest tack in the box. A grinning, glad handing, touchy feely oh yea, kind of guy.

His VP will also, be a puppet. They are the SWAMP’S delight. A mental incompetent and a yes person owned by the far left money machine. If this were a play, we would title it “ The Death of America.”

Let’s rewrite the Script. KEEP AMERICA GREAT. We can win, but we will have to dig deep to fund our Trump candidates and work extra hard to get out the vote.

Let’s save this Republic. Remember in this election they aren’t just coming after Trump, they are. Coming after you.

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  1. John knudson
    John knudson says:

    We will need every last vote to win this in November. Look forward to getting together in June . Best to all . John knudson


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