President’s Message May 2018

Jim Carter

The mid term elections are up on us. We will be bombarded with every known method from candidates and referendum advocates (pro and con) on why we should vote for them. In reality the choice is simple. Do you want more government control, less freedom and higher taxes or be responsible, accountable and free to make your own decisions?

All behavior has consequences.

Two major centers of influence, the media and universities are working very hard to destroy individual thought and punish those who dare to stand up for free speech.

For example: The office of the President of the United States. The centers of influence currently use every means to demean our President because they don’t like his style or the way he communicates.

Trump is pragmatic and unconventional in his style and the way he operates. He is verbose and doesn’t follow conventional ways to accomplish results. Does he achieve results? You bet and he makes the so called professional politicians look like fools.

With the exception of Fox News, 91% of all other media news stories about the President were negative. The so called Democratic Party is negative on every thing he does because they just can’t stand his success.

So this is why the far left Socialist group, who controls the Democratic Party, wants to get elected and make you dependent on them. They are elitists who embrace totalitarian thought and practice. Freedom to them is you do what they think is good-for you because you aren’t smart enough to think for yourself.

The Universities are dominated by far left professors who embrace no borders , open immigration, elimination of free speech and open debate. The University of Michigan has embraced the tactics of totalitarianism ( Nazis, fascists , communists) where students report on other students if expressions or statements offend them. These students who are accused receive various forms of discipline.

Thankfully, a national organization that is representing these students is fighting back.

The university of California doesn’t require English literature majors to take any courses on Shakespeare because he was a white male and prejudice against people of color, maybe a sexist, who knows what lurks in the minds of the elite.

The play write and author, Roger Simon defined Political Correctness on university campuses as “The Absence of Thought” ah, so well said.

Political Correctness has it roots in Communism where people had to confess in public all those actions and thoughts that didn’t conform to the Communist doctrine.

How did we get in such a mess? It’s called electing the wrong people. Candidates who talk the talk and never walk the walk. This true for all levels of government. It’s time to clear the swamp where ever it exits.

The Republican Men’s Club will do all we can to get as many candidates form every level of office at our meetings. We will keep you posted of all candidate forums. Your vote does make a difference.

Last thought. Quote: “all evil needs to thrive, is for good men and women is to say nothing”

Jim Carter


Collier County Republican Men’s Club

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