President’s Message – March 2018

Jim Carter

Today. We are constantly bombarded by a 24/7 news media that who for the most part operates as a huge opinion machine.

I see little depth on any topic and the messages are delivered based on creating a particular outcome. No depth or balance. Sources are questionable and often incorrect. Most “special guests” are unknowns and have titles created to sound good. Usually a one person operation. Who made them “knowledge” experts?

It’s hard to fact check because some of the fact checker sites are run by people who distort the facts in the first place. Like you, I have been a victim of these situations. If it sounds to good to be true, it probably isn’t.

The political game today is Perception Management. The left, primarily European type Socialists, are masters of this advertising practice. Led by George Soros and his wealthy cronies they are pumping millions into the 2018 elections. Florida is a major target state. I’ll update you as we pin point the races and who is benefiting from this effort.

Remember no political office is of limits. Thy will target school boards, states attorneys, state House or Senate races where they can influence agendas.

Last point, what brought this on at such a vicious pace? Our election of Donald Trump. He took on the political machines of both parties and did what they haven’t done. Delivered on campaign promises. They hate his success . He has made many of them look like the incompetent people they are. A leadership style that keeps them reeling.

Unfortunately, it’s no longer about what is good for America. The agenda, Is to get Donald Trump . We must rise above this distorted and dangerous thinking. It doesn’t mean we can’t have healthy debate. Let’s try for civility and put America first.

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