Presidents Message – Ignoring History: A Recipe for Disaster.

Jim Carter
President, Men’s Republican Club

Incidents in history have major repercussions that dramatically change our lives.

The assassination of the Arch Duke Ferdinand triggered World War I. The bombing of Pearl Harbor by the Japanese brought us into World War II. Watergate, changed forever how we view Presidents. None of these situations exist in isolation.

There is always a history of what took place prior to the event. What is happening in America today has been a long time coming. Let’s take a look at some of these issues.

Saul Alinsky, wrote 12 rules for Radicals. He outlines eight levels of control to establish the Socialist state.

  1. Healthcare: Control healthcare and you control the people
  2. Poverty level: increase the poverty level as high as possible. Poor people won’t fight back if you give them what they want to exist.
  3. Debt: increase to a high unsustainable level. Increase taxes to create more poor people
  4. Gun Control : Remove people’s ability to defend themselves
  5. Welfare: take control of every aspect of people’s lives.
  6. Education: take control of what people read and listen to
  7. Religion: remove the belief in God from government and schools
  8. Class Warfare: divide the people into the wealthy and the poor. Creates more discontent

Every one of these rules is being used or advocated by the Radical left who controls the Democrat party. This plan was all going well under Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton.

Hillary was expected to follow Barack into the Whitehouse and finish the job of fundamentally changing America. She was a student of Alinsky.

Then came Donald Trump. He is every thing they aren’t. He is just the opposite.

He is doing the reverse of Saul Alinsky. The haltered is unbelievable. In spite of all the efforts of the radical left, America was turning the corner. Then it happened: the Wuhan flue. An opportunity for the left to hit the Alinsky button.

While it was generally failing , along comes the Minneapolis incident. A bad cop takes the life of George Floyd. Boom! An opportunity for Obama’s Organizing for Action to Spring into action. Right out of the Alinsky playbook.

This organization was first brought to light by Paul Sperry, New York Post, in the fall of 2017.

Obama and his former top administration people are involved in the strategical and tactical implementation of this Marist resistance group. They are leveraged by Politically Active courts. 30,0000+ strong, located in 250 cities across the US. Allies include ACLU lawyers and the leftist media.

One incident, riots across America and even England. Pallet’s of bricks dropped at key locations in New York City. A spontaneous reaction to an incident? No ,this was just an opportunity as a result of a tragic situation , compounded by the Wuhan virus that shut down America and. Most of the World.

Could all of this been prevented? Yes. The problem is we haven’t learned any thing from Occupy Wall Street, Homeless Problems in major cities like Los Angeles, San Francisco and Seattle. Cities dominated by failed Mayors and City Councils. This is the breeding ground for Organizing for Action.

Senator Tim Scott and Dr. Ben Carson are making headway in the above areas. Just one example, if we are to learn from history, these programs begin to make a difference.

The only way we can win in November is to champion our successes and not let these radical groups gain the upper hand. It would be tragic that 50 years from now a former President and failed candidate, was the reason for the demise of the United States of America vs how We the People, through President Trump, turned back Socialism and continued to be the Worlds best hope for freedom.

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