President’s Message – February 2020

Jim Carter
President, Men’s Republican Club

Bernie Sanders: The modern day Medicine Man. In his bottle of magic potion are all the cures for what ever ailment’s America has today.

His audiences are primarily ignorant of what the effects are of his proposed cures. They cheer and applaud with blind enthusiasm. He is like a mid evil doctor performing brain surgery. The patient dies.

Today the patient is America and his “cures” are failed practices from the past. The problem is his audiences are uneducated about the ingredients in his bottle of magic potion. All these ingredients are from the failed garden of Socialism.

While major examples exist Venezuela, Cuba, etc. Bernie ignores these and tries to jump to other countries. His favorite examples are the Scandinavian countries. Well Senator Sanders you are wrong. They have flourishing Capitalism. Private stock exchanges, private property, corporations are by and large privately owned.They have thrived for many different reasons but it’s not from high taxes on business and personal wealth.

Our current business tax rate is now what the Scandinavians have enjoyed for over the last 20 years. Of course your audiences don’t know you are not telling the truth. The professorial population that indoctrinates them are very far left and have no idea how the real world works.

These young people cheer your proposals of free education, single payer health care, the green new deal, elimination of the current tax reforms on business, resigning the Iran Nuclear agreement, to name a few. He Describes himself as a Democratic socialist, progressive and pro-labor rights activist. A nice definition for a film flam man.

Here is the real truth. Socialism leads to authoritarian rule. Germany: Adolfo Hitler, The National Socialist Party. Italy: Mussolini’s, fascism, Russia: Stalin’s starving of a million Ukrainians, China: Mao Zedong 1958 to 1960 China’s great famine, some 30 to 40 million died.

While these may seem extreme, history does repeat itself. Little by little these countries lost individual freedom.

It can and is happening here. We see a two tier justice system. Single payer health care systems, evolve to the same as justice; public health care and private health care. Public is second rate from service, equipment and facilities. Private is top of the line. Which only the elite can afford (Oligarchs, Government leaders,etc).

Bernie Sanders is a wealthy man who has lived of a government payroll since 1971. His wealth accumulation came out of your pocket. He has no idea how to pay for all his free proposed programs. When questioned, his response was , we will have to work on that.

He is highly energetic and not to be taken lightly. Like the medicine man of old, he wants you to believe he is the real deal.

Recently a college student was asked if he favored free tuition. Of course he replied, it will help me a lot. The follow up question was do you mind paying for those coming behind you? This was met with a blank stare, I hadn’t thought about that. I rest my case

This is why 2020 is such a critical election year, our Republic is on trial. We can’t let the Bernie Sanders of the world win. History teaches us socialism is a failed process. No matter how you package it, the results are always the same. More government, higher taxes , lower standard of living and the eventual death of freedom.

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