Parting Shots

Jim Carter
President, Men’s Republican Club

Moving Forward As my last message to you as President, I want to thank you for all your support and dedication as Constitutional conservatives who believe in our great Republic, the United States Of America.

Our job is never done. Like you, I’m devastated by what happened to our President, Donald Trump. It’s now evident major election fraud took place in several key states. Dominion voting systems is a major problem.

Key Democrats are at the heart of the matter, along with the main stream media and social net works (Facebook. Google, etc.) who act like none of these problems exist. The chief strategist is Geoge Soros who created the Open Society Foundation. The connections between this organization and Dominion are like Who’s Who in the Democratic Party. The Pelosi’s, Fienstein, Emhoff (Harris’s husband), The Clinton’s and of course Biden, the King of Identity politics. Look at his proposed cabinet.

This all screams for National Election Reform. We must eliminate mail in voting. Not absentee voting, which has a verification process. The other is a disaster. What is even more appalling is Republican controlled legislatures and Judges who fail to take action. It’s my opinion, fear and self preservation are becoming more important than taking corrective action. I hope I’m wrong.

As I write this I have no idea what will happen in Georgia. I’m optimistic we will hold the line. If we don’t it will be a rough two years until 2022. Here, we can take back both the House and Senate. Yes, by then the Country will be enraged by Draconian politics at all levels of government.

During this period Florida will emerge as the model for Republican politics. We will have to double down in our efforts to beat back the radical left. Our job will be to re-elect Governor DeSantis and Senator Rubio along with more Republicans to U.S. House and Florida State legislature.

Also, Attorney General and all District and City attorney positions. These are a MAJOR target of the left. Buckle up, get ready, never lose hope. I’m never giving into identity politics. It’s the ultimate action of stupidity.

Elect and appoint individual’s based on knowledge, skills and ability. Not gender, skin color , sexual preference to name a few. I’ve never seen those as important in a decision making matrix. Let’s make 2021 a great year.

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