November 2018 President’s Message – Freedom is NOT Free

Freedom is NOT Free

Jim Carter

How often we have seen this slogan and taken it for granted?

Kris Paronto, hero of Benghazi, gave it a deeper meaning in his presentation to us at our annual Salute To Veterans Program to a packed house at the Naples Hilton .

What the Annex Security Team did in saving over twenty American lives is a story that should never be forgotten. They were contractors whose job was security for the CIA annex. When the Embassy was attacked they defied orders and refused to stand down.

You need to read the book 13 Hours, what really happened in Benghazi .

The courage, pure will, to defend Americans abroad is beyond words. We can never thank them enough.

Instead of being treated like the heroes they are, it cost them everything. They were fired, lost all benefits and received no service awards. Lessor personnel received many awards by following orders. It makes you sick.

This is the clincher for me. It was Libyan militiaman that rescued them and a Libyan aircraft that few them out. This is what you get when President Obama lead from behind and Secretary of State Clinton will spend the rest of her life covering her rear end no matter how many times she reinvents herself.

Once again we salute our Veterans and Active duty personnel who defend us regardless of the challenges they face. Yes, Freedom is not Free.

To our steering committee, sponsors and volunteers , THANK YOU FOR ALL YOUR TIME ENERGY AND EFFORT.

Our scholarship program and community outreach efforts will be well funded for the coming year.

We are making a difference.

Jim Carter

President, Collier Republican Men’s Club

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