July Presidents Message

Let’s put some pieces together. The far left hates President Trump and the attacks are unprecedented in American History. Why such visceral attacks? He has scorched the earth they walk on, making them look like the King without any clothes.

The political establishment is still reluctant to admit his success is a result of operating outside the box with bold moves to accomplish agenda items.

The defiant left continues to resist in every they can. Former Obama administration officials CIA Director Brennan works for NBC, National Security James Clapper CNN, FBI supervisor Josh Campbell CNN and the list goes on. This is exceptional. As one writer expressed, an alternative reality, like Stasi and Tokyo Rose joined forces to take control of US broadcasts.

The ongoing investigation of the Top levels of the FBI and Justice Departments show the breadth and depth of using law and federal police as political weapons.

Obama was dedicated to fundamentally changing America. He knew he couldn’t do it in eight years and counted on Hillary to finish the job.

When Trump won he accelerated plan B.

What is the master plan? Always part of his long term goal of globalism, countries with out borders, massive government intervention in every part of our lives, perpetuation of an elite ruling class.

Most presidents return home, build a library and live lives out of the spot light. Not Obama , he built a compound with in two miles of the White House including a wall. This is where he runs his shadow government.

He and his cronies are trying to disrupt everything President Trump is trying to do. He has put Together a network called Organizing For Action. This group is 30,000+ strong, established 25 offices around the country and staffed with many of his former cohorts, Eric Holder, Valerie Jarrett and funded by George Sorus and his far left financial team. It is reported they have collected $840 million to date. The digital assets are provided by Obama from his last reelection efforts.

This isn’t just a group with a political agenda. They will use any tactics to disrupt, shout down or create turmoil at meetings that don’t fit their agenda. Riots and property destruction are part of the playbook.

This effort goes against Constitution, laws and processes that have served us well for over 200 years.

The 2016 election was a walk in the park compared to our challenges in this 2018 election cycle. The left goes for soft targets at state and local levels.

Jim Carter

In states where the Secretary of State is an elected position it doesn’t take a lot of campaign dollars to literally buy the position. School Boards are an easy mark. These are areas where we need to find candidates who have strong constitutional values and believe in fact based texts not opinions. These are just two examples.

Every on of us is a super voter. Understand the issues and the candidates. Let’s turn out the vote.

Obama and the left are relentless. It’s worse than a bad dream. You can’t wake up and find out it isn’t true.

Jim Carter


Collier County Republican Men’s Club

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