January President’s Message – The Day Trump Came to Town

Jim Carter
President, Men’s Republican Club

The day Donald Trump came down the escalator the World started watching. He stood for and has always stood for American sovereignty.

These United States would no longer be the cookie jar for the world. No more appeasement to our enemies. NATO pay your fair share. NAFTA is a not in America’s best interests. We want a new agreement. Iran nuclear agreement, it’s off the table. China the party is over. He stood up for America.

The progressive elitists laughed. He can’t win. We, who are the heart and soul of America, were called deplorable’s. Yes, you could smell us in Walmart. Then he won. Donald Trump delivered and the World watched.

His reward has been a constant barrage by the progressives to discredit him for all his successes. These elites on both sides of the isle are besides themselves. The Russian Hoax, a laughable impeachment and constant barrage of lies, half truths and innuendos has only strengthened and broadened his base.

He has taken out major terrorists, the latest being Soleimani.

Attack us and you will pay the price. He doesn’t draw false red lines. He means business. Appeasement isn’t in his vocabulary.

He has set the appeasers of the world back on their heels. The people of the world who want freedom are watching and taking action.

In Hong Kong people waving American flags are demanding the Chinese Government honor the transfer of power agreement between them and Great Britain, Taiwan elects a Democratic Government, soundly defeating the Communist party.  Iranians walked around the American flag painted on the street while demonstrating against Muhl run Government.

These demonstrators are teargassed and shot in the streets for wanting to be a free people. The appeasers cry out Trump will Start World War III. He didn’t.

The world watches. The elites and far left Democrats in the House Impeach the President because he dared to to make others accountable. Thousands attend his rallies while Socialist Democrats have boring exchanges on how bad America is and want to destroy individual freedom and decision making. The world watches.

Major trade agreement is signed with China, DOW hits record high, unemployment at all time low, wages up, 401k’s soar, all groups prosper and America is energy independent to name a few.

Left wing appeasers in and out of government seek to destroy Donald Trump. This Churchillian figure stands tall. He will continue to lead this Sovereign Nation to new levels of greatness .

The world watches.

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