January 2018 President’s Message

Jim Carter

A big shout out to John Thomas and Eric Carter, co-chairs of the Scholarship Committee and their members for an outstanding job on developing a very comprehensive program to reach the youth and young adults in our community.

The committee’s mission was:

  • Identify and visit local organizations that align with Republican ideals, CCRMC could impact positively and support.
  • Evaluate and propose specific commitments for each recommended institution within available resources.

After reviewing a number of possibilities, three organizations were selected:

  • Southwest Florida Council Boy Scouts of America
  • The Alligator District covers all of Collier County. Our $5000 contribution will help 37 scouts have a great camp experience as we will pick up 75% of the cost. We believe every scout needs to have some skin in the game. The goal is to expand camp participation .Lorenzo Walker Technical College . $5000 to assist graduating students with certification costs. Our goal is to help pay up to 75% for those in need. Those costs may run to $500. The vast majority of these graduates stay in Collier County.
  • Florida Gulf Coast University: we will establish a named Endowment Scholarship requiring $25,000 over four years.
    — provide $ 1000. Scholarship in perpetuity — $10,000 first year, $5000 for the next 3 years — CCMRC sets criteria

The Scholarship committee will establish criteria in all Three areas. If you have thoughts or suggestions please share with John and Eric. As we proceed in each area we will keep you posted. I’m proud to be a Republican. Thank you all for making this a reality. As I often have said 90% of your dues go to Scholarship. We make a difference.

An exciting meeting this month. Author Gene Kopelson joins us-with great insight on the relationship between Eisenhower and Regan. See you at the-meeting! REGISTER NOW.

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