Is the Democrat Party Imploding?

Jim Carter

Is the Democratic Party imploding? I think not. They have shifted far to the left and the struggle for leadership and direction is driven by the party’s Socialist. Some are extreme.

Let’s break this down. Newly elected Representatives Ilan Omar (Minnesota) and Rashida Tlaib( Michigan) are openly anti semantics. They and a number of their fellow travelers will do all the can to destroy our positive relationship with Israel .

Omar on The Foreign Relations Committee has been rebuked by Speaker Pelosi and other Democrats. A classic appeasement move. Also, Tlaib can be a problem because for her past. She was elected to three terms in the Michigan House and didn’t even live in the District she represented. She lied about her address. This verified by her own father. On the last day of qualifying for the U.S. House, she established an address in the District. Like Omar she is a member of the Socialist Party. Both support the more radical Muslim positions in the U.S.

Then we have Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez. The sweetheart of the left. Born in the Bronx, grew up in Yorktown Heights , an upper middle class neighborhood, (next to Westchester New York). A graduate of Boston University. You’ll love this, she majored in Economics. Wow, a classic example of a failed education system. She interned in Senator Ted Kennedy’s office. Yes, now you see she has been programmed for a long time.

AOC, 29 has no record of employment other than a waitress and a bartender in a Mexican Restaurant in the Bronx. Spent most other time as a community organizer. That has a familiar ring. Traveled to a number of protests. Flint Michigan water crisis (government entities all run by Democrats) and to Standing Rock, North Dakota to protest the pipe line. I wonder who paid the bills?

This genius introduced the New Green Deal. All the Democratic / Socialist candidates embraced this like it was the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow. Wait, Senator McConnell wans the Senate to vote on it. Oh, like rats running for cover, the all are trying to quote “rephrase” their positions.

America is on the bubble. A Socialist is Socialist no matter how you try to change the meaning. This is our Waterloo. 2020 is our day of reckoning.

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  1. Gerard Fischer
    Gerard Fischer says:

    Dems are on a self destruction path never before witnessed in my lifetime. The mask is off , this will never be a socialist nation

  2. Roy Stanford
    Roy Stanford says:

    Do not underestimate the Democrats! We are having a cultural war with the Democrats and we are losing. We did nothing while we had the House and now we have lost the House. We are fighting Hollywood, the media , the educational system, the Democrat Party, and the Rinos. While Republicans sit on their laurels, the Dems are plotting and scheming to take over the country. We need a crafty, cunning, combative leadership and I don’t see it


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