Is Free Speech Dead In America?

Is Free Speech Dead In America?

Jim Carter
President, Men’s Republican Club

Maybe not but it’s certainly on  life supports! Today, at best , it’s controlled speech driven by fear and repercussions.

Looking back, universities and colleges have produced a number of limited thinkers. The right to question or express different points of view have been smothered by the domination of far left professors and gutless administrators who cow tow to these very vocal groups.

Of course tenure perpetuates this dysfunctional environment. A balance of guest speakers covering the entire political spectrum or astute legal or business leaders is discouraged. If one is announced, student protests led by a minority raise havoc and destruction!

Dressed in black and wearing hoods they become a disruptive element inflicting physical destruction and harm to those who oppose. University police are ordered to stand down. Sound familiar?

Speaking your mind as a conservative will most likely cost you your job. Those on the left, no matter how prejudice the statement, are explained away. Harvard recently terminated two professors for commenting on people of color while another  of color made headlines that white people are not important. Her comment was explained away as not the “official “ position of the university. She was “ taken” out of context. Really! Still at Harvard. Dah!!

The National media is controlled by six conglomerates. All are left of center. If you work for one of these groups and write anything not following the script you are forced to resign. Pick any day and  channel surf the news. It’s all out of the same playbook. Managed News! Only a couple of exceptions: Newsmax and some times Fox.

Social Media: The greatest violator of  free speech. They enjoy protection under the law because they are Public Billboards. Not to be censored unless it’s pornographic or advocating the physical over throw of the Government .

Instead of a free flow of information they are controlling it. It’s called censorship.

It’s done through the manipulation of apps. They can influence the outcome of any election. Why isn’t there public out rage? It’s fear. Speak up and you are verbally attacked. Sometimes it becomes physical.

Many people will not participate in telephone surveys, written surveys or talk to reporters. If you own a fire arm , you won’t discuss it. Most of us have become guarded when talking in groups.

While we have individual levels of fear, the fact remains, it influences us and our willingness to  speak out on defending and protecting our Constitutional Republic.

Cities like Portland, Oregon and Seattle, Washington are run by flower children Mayors and elected by regressive’s believe in selective protection of there  populations. How dare anyone speak out about their inept polices which encourages certain elements to takeover portions of there cities. They don’t like Federal agencies such as ICE and Homeland security operating in these cities.

Never mind those employees are residents like anybody else.

Wheeler, mayor, of Portland is a classic dolt who wants you to never to speak out on his bazar policies of selective protection. Free speech is not welcome in his city.

These are just a few examples. The question is: Are you willing to exercise your right to Free Speech? The option is: keep you mouth shut. Live and let live. Don’t rock the boat. This to will pass.

Never discuss politics.  And one day you will hear sirens, boots in the street, pounding on your door and feel the cold sweat on your forehead——-Will we become Germany, Italy of the 30’s , Stalin’s Russia \? Today’s China? You decide!


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