Independance Day – President’s Message June 2019

Jim Carter

July 4 1776, was a day that changed the World. This was the day a Nation was born – 13 colonies became the United States of America with the signing of the Declaration of Independence. It gave The colonialists a choice: fight for freedom and be INDEPENDENT OR BE DEPENDENT ON THE CROWN OF ENGLAND.

Independent means self governing, self reliant.

At birth we are dependent on our parents and other family members. As we grow up, we have the opportunity to experience the greatness of a Nation which gives us every opportunity to be INDEPENDENT.

Each of us makes life choices to stand up for what we believe or abdicate to others. Often what seems like an unimportant decision becomes a pattern for not taking action(s) to express your belief or point of view.

The excuses are many. Most common are the need to be liked or accepted, explained away by don’t make waves, etc.. These collective actions erode your individual freedom and make you more dependent on others. The most dangerous consequence is not paying attention to what happens in GOVERNMENT at all levels of our society.

We the people have allowed our individual freedoms to be compromised in exchange for promises of a better life by letting government take over, for example health care or education. The consequences are you gave up your freedom of choice and allow people who have no vested interest in YOU to make decisions for you.

Independence isn’t easy. You have to speak up against group think! Freedom isn’t Free. It takes a lot of work. Much like those who fought in The American Revolution you often will be a minority.

President Trump proved this to us in 2016. Few thought he would get the Republican Party nomination and it was a forgone conclusion he wouldn’t be elected President. He proved Independence is still alive. He was elected President. The results have been extraordinary!

2020 will be the Waterloo for our great Republic. 23 National Socialist Democrats, running for President, want America to be Dependent on Big Government. They don’t want you to be Independent. They want more government, more taxes and Less individual freedom.

If, at the end of the Revolutionary War, they were living here, it’s a high probability, they would have been on the first ship back to England.

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  1. Bud Zvolanek
    Bud Zvolanek says:

    Great message, Jim, right on! I have been following the conservative views on YouTube and Prager University ( APP (to see the conservative videos blocked by Google/YouTube). I am encouraged that (1) there are many people willing to fight for freedom (religious and of the press) and self reliance, (2) African Americans, Latinos & other ethnic background “minorities” are leaving the Leftist Dem views / associations, and (3) last but not least our president Trump has proved to be about the best president in US history who has really made points (1) and (2) possible by his wise and practical approach to executing his office. Like he, I see great potential for this special Nation as long as we the people continue trust in God and love one another in His Name, thereby rejecting Leftist evils and wrongs. And membership in our Republican club is the least we can do to carry the conservative spirit and financial support of those young ones who share our philosophy. From Prague, Czech Republic looking forward to our breakfast meetings. God bless!


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