Honoring Our Veterans – President’s Message October 2018

Jim Carter

The first thing you can do is VOTE on or Before NOVEMBER 6.

All who served this great country protected your right to vote and defended the freedoms we take for granted every day of our lives. This is more than an off year election. Do we stop this far left goal to take us down the path to SOCIALISM?

The so called Democrats are using the very techniques our military fought and died for to defeat fascism. THINK about it. Do you want Pelosi, Waters, Schumer, Sanders, Feinstein controlling our destiny? I think not.

Be a SUPER voter. Get your Republican friends to vote. Work the poles, make phone calls, knock on doors. Stand up for this Republic.

Keep Florida Red. SCOTT for Senator, DeSantis for Governor and Rooney for Congress. Need help? Go to www.colliergop.org

Next, buy your TICKET for SALUTE TO VETERANS, THURSDAY, NOVEMBER 8 , 11:30am at the Hilton. We are honoring our Veterans with a great American :

He will keep you riveted to your seats as you hear the real story vs the OBAMA/HILLARY/ RICE cover up. These are the same people who want back in power.

Remember when politicians make bad decisions, try to avoid responsibility, our men and women in uniform stand tall and take action to protect us all. They do what is right vs political expediency.

Veterans from WWII through today’s deployments to Afghanistan, Iraq and Syria will be joining us. A special recognition to our Vietnam vets on the 50th anniversary of this war. God bless our Veterans and the United States of America.
Jim Carter,

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