From Governor Rick Scott

Photo Credit Meredyth Hope Hall

I am proud to announce today that Florida’s unemployment rate has reached a more than 10-year low of 3.6 percent and that more than 127,000 private-sector jobs were created in October. While Hurricane Irma was a devastating storm, we have worked day after day to help communities recover and send a message across the world that Florida is open for business. Today’s announcement, and the creation of more than 1.44 million private-sector jobs since December 2010, shows the strength of our economy. We will continue to work to make our state more business-friendly, including fighting to cut taxes by more than $180 million during the upcoming legislation session, to help secure Florida’s future as the best place for families and job creators to succeed.

Here are some other points you can share about Florida’s economy with your friends and family:
Private-sector industries gaining the most jobs over-the-year were:

  • Professional and business services with 38,900 new jobs;
    o Trade, transportation and utilities with 38,300 new jobs;
    o Construction with 35,600 new jobs;
    o Education and health services with 17,600 new jobs; and
    o Other services with 17,600 new jobs.
    • Florida job postings showed 240,297 openings in October 2017.
    • In October, Florida’s 24 regional workforce boards reported 23,082 Floridians, including 1,273 veterans, were placed in jobs.
  • We will keep working to make our state the most business-friendly state in the nation so opportunities are available for Florida families for years to come.
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