Follow Up Message from Eric Patterson – Religious Freedom Institute

Eric Patterson
Religious Freedom Institute

I gave away 30+ business cards today, but here is something you can send directly to your members.  So many of them were interested in our work.

This short video shows how RFI helps people.

This short video introduces our student programs.

An email to will put someone on our mailing list simply.

In terms of education:

  • Our America’s First Freedomhigh school curriculum prepares students to be the next generation of informed citizens and religious liberty guardians.  This and other student programs reached over 5,000 students last year!
  • RFI partners with ADF and other organizations to protect the religious freedom of medical and mental health professionals.
  • Our Statesmanship and Religious Freedomseminar inspires university students with the public witness examples of great servant leaders such as British MP William Wilberforce (who led the fight against slavery) and Martin Luther King, Jr.
  • Our Crisis Toolkit Series is a resource for churches, schools, and other faith-based organizations, providing guidance on HR, bylaws, communications, and the like.
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