February 2018 President’s Message

Jim Carter

When you miss a meeting, you have lost an opportunity to expand your knowledge and to be better equipped to defend your values which are constantly under attack by the megaphones of the media, Hollywood and academia.

Last months speaker Dr. Gene Kopelson’s outstanding presentation on the relationship between Dwight Eisenhower and Ronald Regan was awesome.

While Republicans were struggling through the Vietnam era of Kennedy, Johnson, Nixon and Carter , Ronald Regan’s star bean to shine. Eisenhower saw this and became his mentor. Kopelson ‘s book: Regan’s Dress Rehearsal: Ike, RFK, and Regans Emergence as a Statesman captures an accurate account of History.

Academia will never teach history as it was. They are determined to write history as they think it should be. As I like to say the world according to them.

On Monday February 5 , I had the great pleasure of hearing Denise D’Souza tell his bone chilling story of what happened to him after producing the film 2016. Remember the film? Many of his friends told him not produce it as it was something Obama wouldn’t tolerate. He said, “it’s America” we have freedom of speech. I have a right to share my research and produce this documentary.

Well, the IRS and FBI came calling. He made one mistake on his tax return. He exceeded the limit on one political donation. He had to plea bargain in order not to spend a great deal of his life in jail. He served two years and paid $10,000. In fines. If that wasn’t enough he then had to spend 8 months in a mental health institution after his release because the powers to be said he was unbalanced.

Freedom of speech? It’s conditional. Academia holds the record for intolerance. For them we are right, the rest of you shut up and sit down. Is that what we are going to do?

Read D’Souza book The Big Lie.
Jim Carter

Jim Carter

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