Election News – Primary to General

Jim Carter
President, Men’s Republican Club

Congratulations to those who either won re election or are first time office holders as a result of our Primary August 18.

Crystal Kinzel Clerk of Courts and Abe Skinner Property Appraiser. Incumbents with no opposition, Jennifer Edwards Supervisor of Elections, Sheriff Kevin Rambosk and our Tax collector elect, Rob Stoneburner.

Some of you face Democrats and/or independents in the November election including Commissioners Bill McDaniel, District 5 and Commission candidate Rick LoCastro District 1 have another lap to go. State House seat 80 winner Lauren Melo, State House seat 106 Bob Rommel, and State House seat 105 David Borrero face Democrats in the general election. We need to support them. to insure Republicans control the Florida legislature. Of the State House races, newcomer David Borrero faces the toughest competition in a heavier Democratic district.

The hotly contested race for Congressional seat 19 was won by Byron Donalds who gave up his Florida house seat 80 to run for Congress. We all know Byron will do a great job. A real plus to have our Congressman residing in Collier. Never forget, Collier County is a powerful Republican voting group.

Collier County School Board incumbents faced no opposition. Our member, Eric Carter, Vice Chair is good for another 4 years. Carter is a big supporter of our Salute to Veterans,we wish him well.

While a lot of attention is paid to the above races , let’s not forget those who serve on other various important district boards or councils. I don’t know all of these positions but congratulations to all who won.

Two very supportive MRC club members won and are or will be serving on Mosquito Control Districts. Sandra Buxton and Bob Burland of the Hilton team..

Within the CCREC we had competiton for State Committee races. A great debt of thanks to the incumbents who lost. Dough Rankin has served us well for a number of years . A dedicated Republican who will continue to work hard to get Republicans elected. The same would describe Jan Face Glassman. She is tireless in her efforts and has always given her best to serve our party. Her contacts have brought a number of prominent Republicans to speak at our Lincoln/Regan Day dinners. We owe them both a great deal of gratitude for there service.

Our new representatives bring a great deal of talent to the job. Alfie Oakes of Oakes farms, hit the spotlight when he spoke out publicly about Black Lives Matter and had his multi million dollar contract with Lee County school district cancelled. He is suing them.

Oakes is a very successful business business man and brings new energy to our party. Joann DeBartolo is the President of the Patriots for Trump Club. She has brought and continues to bring major Trump supporters to speak at their meetings. She is well connected to the Trump campaign.

Some of our precinct’s had competiton. Whether you won or lost we need to commit to Re electing Republicans at every level of Government.

It takes hard work and the stakes couldn’t be higher. Either we save this Republic or we cascade into the hell of Socialism. So no matter what happened in the primary let’s get it together.

The true mark of winner is to be a bigger person than just winning your election. If you defeated an incumbent, reach out and make it a smooth transition.

Campaigns gets ugly. It’s a fact of life. I don’t condone it but reality is pick up the pieces and move on. Just think if winners and losers took the best of each, everybody wins.

On to VICTORY in November.

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