December 2016 President’s Message

Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukkah and prosperous New Year!

As we celebrate this Christmas season with family and friends, let us pause to reflect on how blessed we are to live in this great Republic the United States of America. While we are caught up in the rush of Christmas our Military or Law enforcement personnel never are off duty. They are always protecting us. Remember them in your prayers.

While we face many challenges at least the Obama years are over. This was a trying time and it will take many years to repair the damage. The scars are deep and the continued efforts of the socialistic left to undermine the President elect Trump’s attempt to heal this Nation will take a lot of hard work. As a group of dedicated Republicans I know we will do all we can to support his efforts and bring this ship of state back on course.

For the Republican Men’s club, I look forward to an exciting year. The programs are coming together. During the winter season you will hear from retiring congressman Curt Clausen, the Sheriffs Dept. and EMS on a new program “Active Shooter” what to do In a hostile situation, the NAACP academic Boot Camp for Middle School students at Risk. A tough program that prepares them for High School and more.

The  membership committee has been hard at work updating and expanding our email list, revamping our web site and installing a new RSVP system with Pay Pal so you can pay by credit card when you make your reservation. Check out our updated site. Go to www men’s republican club. Many thanks to Randy Cash- Chairman, Russel Tuff- Vice Chairman, John Thomas,Neil Curley, Art Garrison, Chad Gillenwater and Pete Koenig.

Bring a first time guest and breakfast is on us. Let’s start with January and fill the house for former Ambassador to China Clark Randt under George W. Bush.

See you at the meeting!!


Jim Carter


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