Big Changes – 400,000 New Voters – President’s Message

Big Change – 400,000 New Voters

Be aware over 400,000 people have moved out of the Urban Democrat controlled cities this year. Guess where they are moving. They are moving to places that respect law enforcement, keep their schools open, show respect for the American flag and respect the Constitution. Florida is taking in a large portion of the people fleeing tax burdens and overbearing governance.

Fear – Our Lifestyle Is At Risk

We fear the new people moving to Florida do not realize that they need to vote Republican.  Collier County Republicans elected from local offices to the State House do work together to create our quality of life.  We want to remind our new residents to vote against burdensome taxes and government overreach.

We are attempting to take action to educate our new friends and neighbors to help them understand the way they vote impacts our collective ability to preserve our great quality of life and freedoms we all enjoy in Florida.  To accomplish these objectives, a committee was created to reach out to the newcomers and encourage them to join one of the Republican clubs and volunteer to Keep Florida Red and Normal!

The committee is named the Collier County Citizens Values PAC.  We will be distributing flyers (download here) that encourage our new friends and neighbors to vote Republican and get involved locally. We are working on Candidate Ratings guided by Republican Values (see here) to assess the behavior of elected officials and candidates! Where needed, new candidates will be recruited that match those values.

Help – We Need You

We cannot count on the media.  This new organization will distribute news and share which elected officials are displaying our values.

To carry out this mission, The committee needs $200,000 to impact local elections.  It is not too early to donate.  The mid-term elections are coming up fast; beginning February 1, 2022 with the Naples City Council.

If you believe in keeping this community great, then please help. Your dollars and talents focused on Collier County are of tremendous value.  Please do not leave these issues to someone else to address.

Click here to help.

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